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Denver Steps Up its Enforcement of Public Health Orders

Be sure to wear your face coverings!

The Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) joins forces with the Denver Sheriff Department to increase its enforcement of the public health order, including the face covering order.

DDPHE investigators and Sheriff deputies are now teamed up to monitor compliance of the health orders and to enforce the rules. The teams will also pay extra attention to evening hours and weekends.

The city will focus on reinforcing the responsibility of businesses to monitor for compliance of the order—not just amongst their staff but also customers. Enforcement teams could also cite individuals. Teams will look at the widespread use of face coverings, posting of required signage, proper social distancing, the maximum capacity of businesses and abiding by the state’s new last call rule. Businesses can get a ticket if more than 10% of their customers are not wearing face coverings or if employees are not wearing them.

The city is taking this decisive approach to prevent further closure of our community and resulting economic damage. Denver continues to see more new cases than any other metro-area county.  View the summary of cases by county

In an effort to combat the virus, we constantly monitor what we call caution metrics. These include four key areas: COVID-19 cases, positivity rate, hospitalizations, and ICU capacity. Access the caution metrics dashboard here. City leaders implore residents to abide by the orders, so we don’t backtrack on the progress we’ve made so far.

Since May, enforcement teams have issued 30 citations, mostly for face covering violations. But they have issued 12,416 warnings. A citation requires a mandatory court appearance with a maximum of $999 per violation and up to 300 days in jail, to be determined by a judge.