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COHEART Volunteer Program

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 Colorado Human Remains Extraction and Recovery Team (COHEART) logoThe Colorado Human Remains Extraction and Recovery Team (COHEART) was developed in accordance with a grant funded by the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) under the Department of Homeland Security.  COHEART encompasses the North Central Region (NCR), UASI, and all jurisdictions within the nine-county NCR all hazards regions.  The Denver Office of the Medical Examiner and NCR instituted this unique program to establish a volunteer force to assist in the medicolegal investigation of human remains in the event of a mass casualty event. A mass casualty is a situation in which the resources needed for the recovery and examination of human remains are above the capacity of local agencies.  Traditionally law enforcement, EMS, and fire departments provide assistance in these situations whilst performing their own duties. COHEART utilizes trained citizen volunteers to aid local agencies during a mass casualty event.  Currently, the team is comprised of approximately 200 members of all different experience levels and areas of specialties.

Program Information

The purpose of the COHEART is to assist in the medicolegal investigation of human remains in the event of a mass casualty event. Mass fatality management encompasses five main areas:

  1. Search and recovery
  2. Transportation and storage
  3. Forensic examination and determination of cause and manner of death
  4. Family assistance center operations
  5. Transportation and final disposition of remain

COHEART is comprised primarily of former interns and employees of a medical examiner or coroner's office. Additionally, the team accepts inexperienced individuals with interested in gaining experience in death investigation. Training includes autopsy observation; death scene investigation; identification and collection of evidence; forensic photography; technical report writing and other related areas.  All team members participate in ongoing ride-alongs, autopsy viewings, and in-house training sessions.

Teams are established based on individual experience level. Reservists without prior experience or training are assigned to a level one team. As training and experience increases so will a individuals team level. Reservists with prior experience are assigned to higher level teams. Members with extensive experience  are given senior status.

The COHEART is a volunteer based organization to be used in the event of a mass fatality situation.  Individuals must meet the following criteria and supply the requested documents in order to be considered for volunteer service. 

  • 18 years of age
  • Must be a high school graduate
  • Has a valid state issued ID or Driver's License
  • A background/criminal records check must be provided*
  • The ability to work with deceased individuals
  • The ability to work with diverse cultures
  • The ability to work well in stressful situations

*Additionally, an internet investigation will be performed, including - but not limited too, Google, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter accounts.

Thank you for your interest in the COHEART Volunteer program. To apply to be a volunteer, please go to the webpage for the Colorado Volunteer Mobilizer (CVM) and create an account. You will be able to select COHEART (Colorado Human remains Extraction And Recovery Team) from the list of organizations. You will then be asked to complete 3-4 documents including a background check and two training courses (ICS 100 & ICS 700). Once your account is complete and authorized you will begin receiving opportunities to volunteer with the Office of the Medical Examiner.

All of the shadowing dates and training opportunities are pushed out through CVM. Once your account is created you will receive regular updates from us on that platform regarding volunteer opportunities with COHEART.

Again, thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you. If you have further questions please contact us via email at


Shadowing Opportunities

The Denver Office of the Medical Examiner reserves shadowing opportunities strictly for our COHEART and internship programs. Please visit the links below for additional information on these programs.

Contact the Office of the Medical Examiner

500 Quivas St.
Denver, CO 80204

Phone: 720-337-7600
Fax: 720-337-7609

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Group tours are offered on the last Thursday of each month. Tours will be given Only in the afternoon from 1 pm - 3 pm. 


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