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Central 70 Project

Statement from Denver Public Health & Environment 
on the Noise Variance Request for Nighttime Work on I-70

September 7, 2018 - Last night Denver’s Board of Public Health & Environment heard the noise variance request for nighttime work on I-70 and ruled that the variance be approved with the Department of Public Health & Environment’s (DDPHE) recommendations and an amended duration of 12 months (vs. 52 months).

The Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE), in partnership with the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC), committed to a transparent and public process that allowed for meaningful community engagement. That engagement yielded strong feedback which DDPHE listened to and seriously considered, and many of the suggestions were either already included in the department’s recommendations or were added to them.

DDPHE will uphold the decision of the Board while holding the petitioner accountable to all criteria of the approval. DDPHE and NDCC pledge an open-door policy with the community and intend to continuously monitor and communicate about construction activities to ensure that the work being done is within the standards and criteria set forth in the ruling.

Review and download the variance (PDF).

For information about the variance process and the Board of Public Health and Environment, please visit and review “Rules Governing Hearings Before the Board of Environmental Health.”


The Department of Public Health & Environment is committed to protecting public health and ensuring that the community is kept well-informed throughout the Central 70 Project. For weekly updates about upcoming construction work and locations, please click here.

Additionally, you may review weekly summaries of the work completed and associated noise levels by clicking here.

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