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Conveyance Inspection Program

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Effective July 1, 2013, the State of Colorado’s Division of Oil and Public Safety will transfer responsibility for management and enforcement of the Conveyance Inspections Program within the City and County of Denver to the Denver Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Division.  This responsibility includes meeting State of Colorado mandates to assure that all conveyances meet or exceed minimum safety standards.

The Fire Prevention Division will assure these standards by providing organized procedures for the reviewing of plans and specifications, field checking new conveyances, performing inspections of all types of conveyances.  This transfer of responsibility is provided under a memorandum of agreement, with the State Division of Oil and Public Safety providing oversight.  The program mirrors the program the state has administered for several years and we have made every effort to make this a seamless transition.

Beginning July 1, please direct all communication involving conveyances located within the City and County of Denver to the Denver Fire Prevention Division.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Notice - Hazard Alert - Elevator Controller Replacement - 2-1-16

Notice - Property Owners - Conveyance Operational Permit - 10-6-15

Licensed Conveyance Contractors/ Inspectors:

Licensed Conveyance Contractors

Licensed Conveyance Inspectors



Payment for Services and Fees

Checks made payable to:

Denver Manager of Finance

You can deliver in person to:
745 West Colfax Avenue - 1st Floor
(receipt will be issued)

Or mail to:
P.O. Box 40385
Denver, CO 80204

Payment may also be made by credit card. 
Please call 720-913-3474 or 720-913-3411 to make a credit card payment.



Contact Us

Conveyance Inspections Program
Denver Fire Department  - Fire Prevention Division
745 West Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO  80204

For Payments:
Conveyance Inspections Program
Fire Prevention Division
P.O. Box 40385
Denver, CO 80204

Fire Prevention Division
Joseph L. Gonzales, Division Chief

Mimi Saylor, Operational Supervisor
(720) 913-3461

Account and Records Information

Fire Prevention Staff
(720) 913-3474

Conveyance Program Manager
Michael Stewart

Conveyance Program Plans Review
George Morkovin, P.E.
Fire Protection Engineer

Conveyance Program Licensing
Robert Manek, Operations Assistant

Application and testing for licenses will be at:
745 West Colfax Ave., First Floor
Denver , CO 80204

Open-book test is based on the applicable standards.