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Fire Permit

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745 W. Colfax Ave. 
(720) 913-3474

Description of Products & Services

Fire Permit
A Fire Safety Permit is an official document that authorizes the performance of a certain activity (use, handling, storage, manufacturing, occupancy or control of specific hazardous operations and conditions).

Fire Inspection
Fire Safety Inspection is an annual inspection, required by law, to ensure that conditions at the property comply with the Denver Fire Code.

Fire Watch Overtime/After Hours Services
Fire safety and inspection services provided to building owners after normal operating hours or when fire alarm systems are not working properly.

Fire Special Detail
A program which requires the event manager to hire a firefighter(s) to be present at any public event involving 250 or more people, as required by the Denver Fire Code to ensure public safety.

Fire License
A fire safety license is required of any installer of a fire life safety system(s), and those who perform the service of inspecting those systems, within the City and County of Denver. 
NOTE: Please contact DFD Fire License Coordinator at (720) 913-3465 prior to submitting any payments for testing.

Fire Conveyance
The Fire Conveyance Program oversees plan review, licensing, and safety inspections of conveyance systems (elevators; escalators; moving walkways; chair lifts; people-mover systems, etc.) within the City and County of Denver.
Note: Please submit the required conveyance documents to, or call (720) 913-3474, prior to submitting any conveyance payments online.

RMFA Training
Fire training services provided at the Rocky Mountain Fire Academy (RMFA) to fire jurisdictions outside the City and County of Denver.

CPAT Training Candidates
The Candidate Physical Agility Test (CPAT) is a comprehensive assessment of a candidates’’ readiness to enter the fire service. DFD provides mentoring and training opportunities to individuals interested in excelling and receiving a CPAT certificate. We also provide the test for individuals who wish to acquire a CPAT certificate.

Incident Reports
Request for a fire incident report.


Main Office:
745 W. Colfax Ave. 
Phone: 720-913-3474

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