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A World Class Geospatial Program

geospatialDENVER has been recognized as a leader in applying geospatial technology by receiving numerous industry awards, by contributing to GIS publications nation-wide, and by serving as a model geospatial program for other municipal and county governments.  geospatialDENVER continues to develop datasets, map products, and new systems that optimize innovation and increase operational efficiency throughout the City.  The GIS staff is committed to improvement through education in emerging technologies with industry and in-house training, technical conference attendance, and participation in local and national user groups in order to improve the geospatial program with the shared goal of building a sustainable world class city.

Supporting Citywide Functions

Geospatial technology has become deeply embedded into city functions. From permitting to economic development to emergency response, geographic information systems are crucial to effectively delivering services that protect and improve our community. Here’s what geospatialDENVER does for the City:

  • Catalog real and business personal property
  • Determine and defend property values
  • Maintain records of ownership and land utilization

  • Analyze land use and zoning
  • Map the regulatory framework for the planning department
  • Create 3D visualization models
  • Support citizen engagement and community outreach
  • Integrate data for a location-based permitting system

  • Map election race results and voter turnout data
  • Provide maps of voting locations for public use
  • Create and maintain voter precinct boundaries
  • Voting and ballot drop-off site selection
  • Analyze and validate voter addresses and registration
  • Coordinate and identify political boundaries with other city and state agencies
  • Identify and validate voters within special districts
  • Provide analysis and maps for special requests regarding election results and voting patterns

  • Organize a large, complex airport system using GIS
  • Analyze and manage airport information consistently
  • Pioneer airport implementation of Enterprise GIS

  • Affordable housing
  • Site selection
  • Workforce identification
  • Business retention and attraction
  • Development opportunity areas
  • Environmental and historic preservation compliance

  • Support health & environmental regulatory compliance and oversight
  • Map restaurant and child care facility inspections
  • Respond to citizen health & environmental inquiries
  • Assist EH Emergency Response Team
  • Support energy sustainability and outreach programs

  • Promote transparency and accountability
  • Provide access to the city’s geospatial database
  • Support 311 operations
  • Collaborate and share data at the regional and state levels
  • Improve knowledge to guide personal and private investments

  • Track and locate park assets and natural resources
  • Plan, design, and manage parks and open space
  • Provide information about parks, trails, and recreational opportunities to the public

  • Support 911 dispatch and management
  • Analyze response times
  • Identify patterns of criminal activity
  • Emergency operations center incident support

  • Maintain subdivision data, lots and blocks, rights-of-way and easements
  • Optimize facility locations
  • Issue new street addresses
  • Manage wastewater and related systems
  • Support the impervious surface billing system
  • Integrate the street map as a platform for citywide data
  • Design and maintain infrastructure
  • Manage capital improvement projects



  • ESRI Special Achievement in GIS (2012) 
    Presented to Denver International Airport to recognize outstanding work with GIS technology
  • ESRI Special Achievement in GIS (July 2011)
    Presented to Assessment Division, Public Works Survey, and Technology Services GIS for the Parcel Fabric Conversion Project
  • ESRI International User Conference (June 2005)
    Denver Maps - First Place, Web-Based Application
  • ESRI International User Conference (June 2004)
    Denver Bike Map - First Place, Best Single Map Product - Large Format and First Place, Overall
  • Public Technology Institute Awards (2004)
    Honorable mention: Mid-sized Population, Telecommunications and Information Technology Category
  • ESRI Special Achievement in GIS (2002) Presented to the City of Denver for the implementation of an enterprise GIS


Technology Services
Wellington Webb Office Building
201 West Colfax Ave, Dept 301
Denver, CO 80202

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm 



Denver 311 Help Center Call 3-1-1
Outside Denver Call 720-913-1311
Emergencies: 911 
TTY Service: 720-913-8479