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Graffiti Paint Bank

image of open paint can with paint brush on topYou can help keep Denver graffiti free by picking up materials from a paint bank and covering graffiti vandalism when you see it. If the graffiti is on private property, permission must be granted from the owner/tenant prior to removal. The quicker graffiti is removed or covered, the less likely it is to return.

A paint bank is a location where citizens can pick up paint and materials at no charge to cover graffiti in Denver. Paint is available in seven standard colors and is packaged in 1 gallon containers.

Available paint colors are: grey, white, brick red, yellow beige (pale yellow), tobacco brown (warm brown), musket brown (dark brown) and viaduct beige (tan).

Dumpster beige paint to cover City dumpsters is also available in quart containers. Ask about other graffiti removal supplies used to clean items such as poles, signs and traffic control boxes.

Call 311 (720-913-1311) to order paint and to make arrangements for pick up, or visit one of the participating paint banks in your community.

Paint Resources

These storefronts are staffed by volunteers and police officers to aid citizens in accessing police services and graffiti removal supplies. Hours and supplies vary by location; please call ahead for information.

3100 S. Sheridan Unit A-20

5049 W. Colfax Ave.

2635 N. Federal Blvd.

Check in with front desk personnel to obtain graffti removal supplies from the following police stations. 

Northwest Denver - District #1
1311 W. 46th Avenue

Northeast Denver - District #2
3921 Holly Street

Downtown - District #6
1566 N. Washington St.

Five Points Business District
2444 Washington St.

Councilman Kevin Flynn, District #2
3100 S. Sheridan Blvd., Unit D

Councilman Christopher Herndon, District #8
4685 Peoria St., #245

Councilman Albus Brooks, Distirct #9
2855 Tremont Place, Suite 201 

 When picking up paint you must show proof of residency in Denver.


Report & Remove Graffiti

Reporting and promptly removing graffiti are the 2 best ways to help stop graffiti in Denver.