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De Novo Review

The City Charter requires that appeals from employment actions must be decided based on a de novo determination of the facts. In re Duran, CSA 10-10, 7 (10/1/10), citing Turner v Rossmiller, 532 P.2d 751 (Colo. App. 1975);  In re Luna,  CSB 42-07, 4 (1/30/09).  

The career service hearing is a de novo hearing in which a hearing officer must consider all the evidence on all the issues presented in the appeal as though no previous action had been taken. In re Luna, CSB 42-07, 4 (1/30/09), citing Turner v Rossmiller, 532 P.2d 751 (Colo. App. 1975); In re Simpleman, CSA 31-06, 3 (10/20/06); In re Martinez, CSA 30-06 (10/3/06).

An appeal de novo means that evidence will be heard as though no previous action had been taken. In re Simpleman, CSA 31-06, 3 (10/20/06), citing Turner v Rossmiller, 532 P.2d 751 (Colo. App. 1975), affirmed In re Simpleman, CSB 31-06 (8/2/07); See also In re Martinez, CSA 30-06 (10/3/06).

A de novo hearing means the hearing officer makes findings of fact independently of the agency’s findings, assesses credibility, and resolves factual disputes. In re Clayton, CSA 128-05, 3 (3/21/06), citing Turner v. Rossmiller, 532 P. 2d 751 (Colo. App. 1975).

Hearing officer
 may conduct a de novo review of the reasonableness of discipline in light of the facts as they exist at the time of hearing. This approach balances the need for prompt resolution of disciplinary appeals and the requirement of certainty in outcome. In re Williams, CSA 65-05, 7 (11/17/05).

The City Charter requires that Career Service appeals must be determined 
de novo. Such a determination requires an independent fact-finding hearing and the resolution of factual disputes. In re Owens, CSA 139-04, 5 (3/31/05), citing City Charter C5.25 (4); Turner v. Rossmiller, 532 P.2d 751 (Colo. App. 1975).

An appellant is entitled to a hearing 
de novo on the disputed factual issues. In re Katros, CSA 129-04, 6-7 (3/16/05), citing Turner v. Rossmiller, 532 P.2d 751 (Colo. App. 1975); City Charter C5.25 (4).

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