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City Inspector Parking Permits

The City Inspector Permit (A.K.A. Special Parking Permit) is intended to provide parking privileges for City Inspectors or Investigators with the City and County of Denver whose primary job responsibility involves field work utilizing their personal vehicle. Authorization or the use of this permit does not provide free parking to the employee when he or she is not actively inspecting or investigating locations; the intent is to provide parking while conducting inspections/ investigations anywhere in the city, and the Official City Business (OCB) hang tag does not allow for parking within restricted areas of the City.

See maps for more info:

ROWE reserves the right to monitor any vehicle which may not abide by the established rules of the City Inspector Parking permit; the permit holder’s actions will be reported to the agency if the need arises.

Physical permits are not issued; instead authorized license plates are added to an official database which will be available to enforcement personnel. An authorized vehicle observed by an Enforcement Agent on the right-of-way will be noted and will be allotted the posted time for parking (metered or time restricted areas) in accordance with the rules of this permit.

It is the responsibility of the authorized employee to report plates that may be used, as well as any plate changes in a timely manner. License plate changes will take 48 business hours to update once notification has been received by ROWE. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the employee to find alternative parking until their vehicle is permitted. Please note that until a confirmation email has been sent notifying the employee that the vehicle information has been uploaded, the vehicle does not possess a valid City Inspector Parking Permit. 

Permits expire on December 31 annually; users must resubmit applications each year.