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Cherry Creek North BID Parking AMP

In partnership with the Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District (CCN BID), the City and County of Denver is working on a Parking Area Management Plan (AMP). Several AMPs have been developed for neighborhoods across Denver; the Cherry Creek North AMP is the first one to be initiated in a vibrant shopping district.

VISION: High quality transportation access and parking contribute to the economic success of Cherry Creek North. All District users experience the parking supply to be accessible, conveniently located, easy to use, and responsibly managed.


Parking Area Management Plan, September 2019

The CCN BID AMP resulted in ten recommendations. The City or BID was identified to lead the implementation of each recommendation. In order to address the unique mix of public and private parking supply in the CCN BID, partners critical to the success of each recommendation were also identified.

The AMP is a dynamic plan that will respond to evolving parking patterns and curbside demands in the area. The City and the CCN BID are committed to making sure the plan is effective and continues to work well. Evaluating the AMP recommendations, addressing post-implementation concerns, and making adjustments when appropriate will be critical to the success of the AMP moving forward.


map of recommended parking enforcement and plans in Cherry Creek Business District 


GOALS: Develop parking and curbsides recommendations to improve the perception and experience of parking in the Cherry Creek North BID. The AMP process uses an innovative approach by engaging stakeholders who represent the diverse needs of the district in identifying parking management strategies to better use the district’s parking resources.

Clearly communicate parking information

Utilize the best available parking technology

Encourage short-term parking at meters, long-term in garages; park once and walk

Provide affordable options for employees

Encourage parking within the BID



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