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La Alma – Lincoln Park Parking Area Management Plan (AMP)


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September 27, 2019

Dear Resident, Business, or Property Owner,

The La Alma - Lincoln Park Parking Area Management Plan (AMP) Committee has been working to develop an on-street parking and curb lane management plan for a portion of the La Alma - Lincoln Park neighborhood. The committee is comprised of Curbside & Parking staff and representatives from the Art District on Santa Fe, La Alma-Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association, and City Council District 3. This AMP is designed to address current levels of curbside activity and parking demand, and your feedback is essential to informing the final plan. 

The La Alma-Lincoln Park AMP Committee is pleased to share a draft of the plan that includes proposed on-street parking and curb lane modifications. Please see the enclosed plan to view all recommendations. In general, dashed lines depict block faces with existing and proposed time limits effective Monday - Friday and solid lines depict block faces with time limits effective Monday - Saturday. Additionally, this plan proposes to introduce time limits on block faces highlighted in yellow. Other highlights include:

  • Convert the existing 30-minute parking time limits north of 11th Avenue and west of Santa Fe to 1-hour (8am-6pm, Sat, Sun, and hol excepted) restrictions to provide residents with more flexibility, while continuing to manage automobile and light rail commuter parking impacts and Auraria Campus parking demand. This addresses parking enforcement challenges and resident expectations.
  • Modify the No Parking restrictions along Elati Street between 10th and 11th Avenues to accommodate school parking needs for staff, faculty, student, and visitors.
  • Introduce 2-hour (8am-6pm, Sat, Sun, and hol excepted) parking time limits along portions of Galapago, Inca, and Lipan Streets, and on 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th Avenues to manage commercial and long-term parking impacts. These blocks are highlighted in yellow, and eligible households may apply for Residential Parking Permits* (RPPs) to exempt their vehicles from the 2-hour time limits on their block.

* RPPs are valid on the block where the permit holder resides. Eligible households may be granted up to a maximum of one annual RPP per licensed driver and one Guest Parking Permit per household. Licensed drivers within an eligible household will need to complete an application to obtain a RPP. Typically, businesses, mixed use properties, and large multiunit developments are ineligible for RPPs.

This draft was developed based on feedback received at La Alma - Lincoln Park AMP Committee meetings and an Art District on Santa Fe meeting in March, and we want to hear from you. Please submit comments or questions to by Monday, October 28th, 2019. Once input has been addressed and the AMP has been finalized, a second letter will be mailed with the final plan, implementation information, and Residential Parking Permit program information.   

Thank you,

Curbside & Parking
Transportation Operations
Denver Public Works


Map of proposed parking plan