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Advisory Committee for Housing People Experiencing Homelessness


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The Advisory Committee for Housing People Experiencing Homelessness counsels the city on best practices, strategies, and innovations for housing those experiencing homelessness. 

What You Need To Know

The advisory committee is staffed by the Department of Housing Stability, the city's department that is committed to ensuring all Denver residents have a roof over their heads.

The committee reflects the broad range of people impacted by and working with people experiencing homelessness. One-third of the committee is composed of advocates and people with lived experiences with homelessness. The remainder of the committee is made up of providers and regional, business, and interfaith representatives.

Current Board Members

The members of the Advisory Committee for Housing People Experiencing Homelessness are:

Advocates/Lived Experience of Homelessness:

  • Ilyas El-Amin, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
  • Cuicatl Montoya, Employment Specialist, Work Options for Women
  • Randle Loeb, Chaplain, Unitarian Church of Denver
  • Billie Bramhall, President, Bramhall & Associates
  • Brandi Raney, Financial Service Representative, Aurora Federal Credit Union

Service Providers:

  • Clayton Gonzales, Director for Programs, Urban Peak
  • Michael Sinnett, Vice President, Shelters and Community Outreach, Catholic Charities
  • Dwayne Meeks, Resident Services Coordinator/Case Manager, Mercy Housing, Inc.
  • Caroline Barajas, Social Worker, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Brad Meuli, President and CEO, Denver Rescue Mission


  • Will Connelly, Metro Denver Homeless Initiative
  • Haroun Cowans, CEO and Executive Director, IEG, Inc.
  • Indya Clark, Aurora Housing Authority
  • Sara Baris, Enrollment, DPS
  • Maria Sierra, Mile High Ministries

Learn More

For more information about the Advisory Committee for Housing People Experiencing Homelessness, call 720-944-2508.


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