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Housing Stability Strategic Advisors


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In order to inform and guide the implementation of the 2021 Action Plan, a panel of Housing Stability Strategic Advisors has been appointed by the Mayor and City Council. This body is comprised of individuals whose professional and lived experience provide valuable insight into the work of HOST. HOST will work with the Strategic Advisors and the community to collaborate and lead progress through investment decisions, interdepartmental coordination, and other strategies. With their guidance, implementation approaches may pivot if needed to respond to the evolving COVID-19 crisis.

What You Need To Know

The Housing Stability Strategic Advisors were appointed in the Fall of 2020 through a public process. Six members are appointed by the Mayor and five members are appointed by City Council. The Housing Stability Strategic Advisors group includes 11 members: 

• Two with professional or lived expertise of the effects of gentrification and displacement or housing instability on lower income households; 

• Two with professional or lived expertise in homelessness or in providing housing or services for residents experiencing homelessness;

• Two with professional or lived expertise living in affordable housing or developing income-restricted housing; 

• One representing public, private, or philanthropic partner organizations that fund affordable housing;

• Two representatives from organizations that have a national best practice perspective on housing stability, homelessness resolution, or housing opportunity; 

• Two community representatives. 

Current Board Members

The members of the Housing Stability Strategic Advisors are:

Mayra Gonzales, AMBG Consulting

Darrell Watson,  Watson Wenk Group

Cuica Montoya, Colorado Village Collaborative

Joshua Geppelt, Denver Rescue Mission

Maria Sepulveda, Habitat for Humanity

Randy Kilbourn, Olin Resident Council

Jennie Rodgers, Enterprise Community Partners

Melanie Lewis Dickerson, Community Solutions

Kristin Toombs, Colorado Division of Housing

Marsha Brown, Denver Human Services

Thomas Allen, Denver Indian Center



The first meeting of the Housing Stability Strategic Advisors too place Friday, December 11th from 9a.m. – 12p.m. Future meeting dates will be available here.


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