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Commission on Aging

By 2030 one in four Denver residents will be over 60 years of age. 

The Denver Commission on Aging helps to make Denver the best community for older adults through outreachcommunication and advocacy including:

  • Advocating for their rights and concerns
  • Empowering older adults through dissemination of information and sharing community resources
  • Monitoring and recommending legislation and proposed policy changes affecting older adults

Commission Meetings

Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday 9:30am-11:30am.

The Denver Commission on Aging will be hosting an I Am Denver Storytelling Lab on November 23rd in place of its normal meeting.

What: I Am Denver Storytelling Lab
Where: Rocky Mountain PBS, 1089 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80204
When: Saturday, November 23, 2019
Time: 10am-1pm

This lab is open to the public. Please RSVP here.

Learn what goes on during an I Am Denver Storytelling Lab here.

Commission Members

Henry Concha is a social worker and resident services coordinator for Catholic Charities at Madonna Plaza Senior Low-Income residential facility and Prairie Rose Low-income mental health and disabled resident facility where he assists residents in accessing their Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security benefits, disability benefits, Old Age Pension benefits, Food Stamps, and grants for vision or hearing or other illnesses not normally covered by insurances. 

Prior to working for Catholic Charities, Henry worked for Denver Options assisting homeless Veterans obtain housing through a grant from the Veterans Administration. 

He joined the commission to work with older adults and saw that he could advocate and bring awareness to services.  He hopes to offer his perspective which comes from working with his residents and listening to their concerns.

He and his wife enjoy taking care of their granddaughter which keeps them youthful. Henry is also a deacon for the Archdiocese of Denver assigned to Annunciation Catholic Church where he is involved in Spanish ministry which includes baptizing, preaching, and assisting with funerals of our large Hispanic community.

Bio coming soon

Adam Dempsey is one of the new members to the Commission on Aging. A long time Denver broadcaster, movie network and public television producer, and former retail marketing executive, his key interest is keeping the board in touch with the shift Boomers are making on aging in America. His previous community service has included the Children’s Museum, the Colorado Black Health Collaborative, and the RTD Consumer Affairs Board.

Barbra Evans-Small received a Master of Social Worker degree from the University of Denver and is currently performing case management and service coordinator service for seniors and disabled residents at Denver Housing Authority. For ten years, she has professionally encouraged and assisted countless Denver families to improve their quality of life by providing community resources and referrals, educational events, money management workshops and health programs that will enable individuals to maintain independent living while aging in place.

She is a dedicated and committed leader who will not hesitate to advocate for the elderly or disabled. She is also devoted to providing supportive services and always looking to create opportunities for low income seniors and families.

In addition, she volunteers her time on the InnovAge Senior Companion Advisory Board and she strongly supports the Denver Commission on Aging.

picture of Teresa FalagradyAs the youngest of seven, with an age span of 19 years between the oldest and the youngest, Teresa has long been accustomed to being around ‘older’ people and the challenges and wonders it presents.

Her goal in joining this commission is to help all agers to live as meaningfully and healthfully as possible. Her particular interest is in keeping people working – learning, thinking, participating – doing.

With a background in adult education and training, including teaching ESL to delightful people from all over the globe, she currently works for Denver’s Economic Development & Opportunity, where she manages a back-to-work program for older adults in partnership with the AARP Foundation and serves as co-chair of the Workforce Development committee of the state’s Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging (SAPGA).

Teresa keeps on doing in her own life by including the things that may be rather quirky for an older person, such as going to Burning Man or having the goal of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. She may make it, and good genes help: her mom is a fast-approaching centenarian.

Joan M. Foster retired from a career in higher education as a faculty member in English and as a senior administrator. Born in a Chicago suburb, she graduated from Northern Illinois University and earned a Ph.D in literature from the University of New Mexico. She has lived in Colorado since 1969. She is active on the Board of Directors of the Brooks Tower Condominium Association and is editor of the condo’s monthly Newsletter. Other memberships include the City Club of Denver,  Democratic Forum, and Town Hall Denver. Her retirement goal is to expand her  horizons. Appointment to the Commission on Aging is a privilege and a wonderful opportunity to learn and help others. 

Doug is a three-time book author. Doug is host of his talk radio show entitled, “Leading Change Without Resistance”.

Doug served as part of the MBA Program at Johns Hopkins University for 15 years. He also served as part of Executive Development Programs throughout the federal government.  

For the last 20 years Doug has been designing and implementing effective national health AND care improvement initiatives. 

Doug’s breakthrough process work has been applied successfully with three Governor’s Cabinets, top executive teams at FBI, Medicare/Medicaid, NOAA, NASA, U.S. Marshals and all 50 Admirals in the U.S. Coast Goard, as well as numerous executive teams in the corporate arena.

Claire Martin has spent most of her life as a storyteller, primarily for daily newspapers. She has written obituaries that have attracted national and international attention, and she has a love for digital storytelling, thanks to a workshop she took through the Center for Digital Storytelling.

Claire has developed an expansive network of people in scores of different fields. She has a knack for ferreting out interesting stories. In her work as a newspaper reporter, she made it a point to reach out to demographically diverse populations to share perspectives of lives that often surprised the Denver Post’s predominantly white older readers.

She has contacts in the Latino, African American, Middle Eastern, African, and Asian communities, including a well-heeled second-generation Japanese-American man whose Citizen of the West profile I wrote for the Denver Post, and impoverished refugees.

Claire joined the Commission on Aging because she wants to make this a better community for everyone who is getting older. (Which is everyone on this side of the ground, but she especially wants to help people whose voices are drowned out by the super wealthy.)

In her spare time, she reads a lot, in print and online. She loves David Attenborough, Philip Pullman, Bruce Springsteen, and bluegrass music. April first is her second-favorite holiday.

Joan Mobley has recently retired from her consulting practice of over 25 years, specializing in leadership development for individuals, communities, and non-profit organizations. Her focus on the design and implementation of a venture called “The InterCity Leadership Visit: a community development program of leadership exchange” has allowed her to develop an extensive leadership network throughout the United States and Canada and familiarity with "best practices/lessons learned" as it relates to urban, community and economic development issues.

Mobley lived in Denver from 1988-1992, serving as senior vice president and chief operating officer for the Greater Denver Chamber of Commerce in Colorado.  She and her husband returned to Denver in 2011 and look forward to aging in place in this great city near family and lifelong friends.

Ruth Marie Montoya Starr is a registered nurse. She uses her nursing and communication skills to be a guardian and caregiver to older adults as a self-employed independent contractor. She is also a part-time Federal Grant Reviewer.

Starr joined the commission to be a voice for the underserved older adult population in the Denver metro area.

Outside of work, Ruth enjoys exercising for health and wellness and being the Building 27 Representative at Windsor Gardens.


Robert is a program coordinator at Mile High Behavioral Healthcare for HIV+ services and community liaison. Robert also serves on the BOD of Sheridan Health Services – College of Nursing – University of Colorado, and the Denver HIV Resources Planning Council.

As a Denver native and long-term HIV/AIDS survivor and advocate, Robert felt that the Denver Commission on Aging was a natural fit for him. The HIV+ population in the Denver metro area is now a majority of people living over the age of 50. Robert’s 25 years of HIV/AIDS advocacy and activism has primarily been on a volunteer basis with a strong sense of community service. By being on the DCOA, Robert hopes to be in a position to more effectively serve his community with broadened inclusivity.

Outside of his employment and community service, Robert enjoys doing watercolor pencil drawings, acrylic painting, photography, horticulture and travel when possible. Nature is what he enjoys the most.

Tony has worked for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival team from October 2000 to the present. Tony’s life’s profession, passion and successes lie in the art and business of building and connecting community. This is accomplished via relationship development, marketing, PR, communications, logistics, sponsorship, financial management and more. 

Tony's love of community development officially began with his experience with the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics Games, and his myriad of professional community and business experiences range from being the Special Events Manager for a municipality, to the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival to the Downtown Denver Parade of Lights, as well as many volunteer services for festivals, events, boards of directors and civic commissions including the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs.
Tony's other life passions include volleyball, yoga, scuba diving, weight training, visual & performing arts, auto design, international travel & culture.

Bio coming soon

Sharron is a nurse, legal nurse consultant, and dementia care instructor. Sharron’s nursing experience includes 5 years being the Director of Clinical Services for several home healthcare agencies, a Staff Development Coordinator, Case Manager, Home Healthcare Consultant, and Owner of Optimal Healthcare Solutions. 

Sharron has over 30 years experience as a registered nurse and received her dementia care training through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners as an Instructor. Sharron spent 21 years in the military.

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