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Photo collage of older adults for the Age Matters Initiative web page

The Age Matters Initiative began in 2010, with the publishing of the first Age Matters Report.  In September of 2014, Mayor Hancock signed on with the World Health Organizaiton and AARP to be an Age-Friendly Community.  This meant that the City needed an updated plan of action.  The Age Matters Report was then updated in April of 2015 with Community Conversations happening with 215 older adults across the City.  This report provided strategies and actions steps for the City and jumpstarted conversations about older adult planning, engagment and empowerment in the City and County of Denver.  

Today, to even further this important planning, the City has completed the Age Matters Needs Assessment which provided an internal assessment of city agencies.  Recommendations were made by agencies that participated and further work will begin in 2017 on specific initiatives...below is updated information on each area of focus.  Please visit us frequently to see what changed and do not hesitate to contact us with comments, questions or thoughts. 



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