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DenverConnect is a mobile resource center designed to connect older adults with information. DenverConnect will bring city services and resources to neighborhoods, assisted living centers, and places where large concentrations of older adults are gathered. The program will specifically target low-income and racial/ethnic minorities. 

Between 2011 and 2020, the number of older adults in Colorado is expected to increase by 54 percent. In Denver alone, the 65+ age group is expected to account for nearly 20 percent of Denver's population by 2050. 

As rents and home prices increase, it becomes increasingly difficult for our older residents to age in place, or put more simply, to age where they are. DenverConnect aims to help Denver's older adults do just that by connecting them with vital community resources. 

DenverConnect Portal

The DenverConnect Portal is our online portal that allows individuals and organizations to submit requests for van participation at upcoming events - it's currently being developed so check back here soon. In the meantime, for event requests, email

DenverConnect Calendar of Events

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DenverConnect Mission

image of DenverConnect van 

The mission of DenverConnect is to provide necessary information and services through city and community resources that enable older adults - regardless of ability, health, or income - to age in place with dignity and respect and to thrive and contribute in our community. 

Denver's Older Adults by Neighborhood

map of older adults age 55 to 75+ by neighborhood in Denver 

City Partners

Denver Census 2020
Denver Animal Protection
Denver Community Planning and Development
Denver Human Services
Denver Department of Public Health and Environment
Denver Office of Children's Affairs
Denver Office of Economic Development and Opportunity - Housing Division
Denver Office of Economic Development and Opportunity - Workforce Division
Denver Office of Financial Empowerment
Denver Parks and Recreation
Denver Police Department
Denver Public Library

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