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Source of Income


The Denver Anti-Discrimination Office (DADO) exists to protect residents against discriminatory acts in purchase and rental housing transactions based on source of income.
Source of Income is defined as any lawful, verifiable source of income or housing assistance paid to or on behalf of a renter or buyer including, but not limited to monies from any occupation or activity, from any contract, agreement, loan or settlement, from any court-related payments such as child support, from payments received as gifts, bequests, annuities or life insurance policies, or from federal, state or local payments, including disability benefits and housing choice vouchers or any other rent subsidy or rent assistance program and related program requirements. 

You do not need an attorney to file a Source of Income complaint with DADO and there is no fee for filing a Source of Income complaint with DADO.
DADO operates as a neutral party throughout all phases of the process, including the filing, investigation, and resolution of all filed claims.
Please review the checklist below to ensure you are eligible for DADO coverage.

Important Jurisdictional and Time Requirements and Official Exemptions

Did the discriminatory act take place within in the City and County of Denver?

Did the discriminatory act take place less than 180 days ago?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then you are eligible to file a Source of Income complaint with the Denver Anti-Discrimination Office. 

How to file a claim with DADO

If you have a Source of Income discrimination complaint, you can:

  1. File a complaint online at 
  2. Download a complaint form.
  3. Contact DADO at 720-913-8458 or by emailing, to have a complaint form sent to you.




Darius Smith, Director
Denver Anti-Discrimination Office (DADO)
Agency for Human Rights & Community Partnerships
201 W. Colfax, 2nd Floor
Denver, CO 80202