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Funding & Contracting Efficiency (FACE)

Each year, the City and County of Denver initiates over $40 million to local nonprofits and other organizations to provide critical services essential to building a vibrant community.  This number represents nearly 300 contracts made with over 150 nonprofits by 7 different City agencies.  As a City, we elect to work with the nonprofit community to complement and support services already provided by City agencies or to meet needs that the City does not have the capacity, resources or expertise to address.  As a result, the City is able to more effectively and efficiently execute its vision of delivering a world-class city where everyone matters.

With a greater focus on targeted outcomes for each City agency through Peak Performance and other priorities of the administration, it is also important to give thought to how this outcome focus is reflected in our partnerships with private nonprofit organizations.  These services supplement the work of our City agencies and, in many cases, help to further the strategic plans that agencies are driving toward.  Procurement and contracting processes can play an important role in ensuring that the services contracted for reflect the City’s core values, affirm a focus on outcomes, and match the drive to more effective social impact.  As a liaison between City government and the nonprofit sector, DOSP is motivated to catalyze the effort to examine and improve Denver’s procurement processes.

The contracting and grantmaking processes used to distribute funds vary widely across City agencies.  The Funding and Contracting Efficiency (FACE) Initiative is an effort by DOSP to work with City partners to enhance our procurement processes and policies within and across City agencies.  As the Initiative moves forward, an interdepartmental workgroup will drive the effort toward better outcomes across the Denver community.

Denver is not alone in this effort. Across the country, at all levels of government, people are working to assess and improve the way that government contracts with private entities, especially around social services.  The effort in Denver will build on these successes and help develop a platform of local best practice in which Denver can ultimately serve as a model for other municipalities across the nation.

FACE Goals & Objectives (PDF)