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The Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships(DOSP) is committed to ensuring that nonprofits have easy access to information about funding opportunities that may be available to them. The following is a list of opportunities across the city coming up in the next few months.


Name of Funding: General Assistance

City Agency: Denver Human Services 

Link to RFP: Click Here

Type of Grant: General Operating

Source of Funds: Local

Total Funds Available: $136,600

Funding Range: Unknown

Average Award Amount: Varies

Maximum Award Amount: Unknown

Scope of Funding: The purpose of this RFA process is to establish a list of qualified organizations that can provide transitional housing and case management services for homeless families.  This contract will be for 20 units of transitional housing and case management services.  Referrals for services will come from the DDHS outreach worker.

What City Priority Does this Funding Connect to: Sustainability

City Priority Connection Description: Transitional housing to obtain stability

Eligibilty Restrictions: N/A

Key Qualifications or Areas of Interest: N/A

Key Qualifications or Areas of Interest: 

Key Dates

Proposals Due:  3/3/15

Anticipated Contract Start:  4/1/15

Contact Information

Contact to Register Interest: Tami Tapia (

Contact for Questions: Same

Name of Funding: Colorado Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund

City Agency: Environmental Health/Office Economic Development

Link to RFP:

Type of Grant: Other/Revolving loan fund for brownfields cleanup; Grant opportunities occasionally available.

Source of Funds: Federal, Other/Federal brownfields grant to RLF headed up be state and local governments

Total Funds Available: Varies

Funding Range: Loans up to $2,000,000 per site; grants limited to $200,000

Average Award Amount: $500,000

Maximum Award Amount: $2,000,000

Scope of Funding: 

As a public-private partnership, the Colorado Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund encourages the cleanup of unused or underused contaminated properties by offering financing with reduced interest rates, flexible loan terms, and flexibility in acceptable forms of collateral. The Revolving Loan Fund can also provide cleanup grants to qualifying local governments and non-profits. All cleanups financed through the Revolving Loan Fund must have previous approval under the Voluntary Cleanup Program. The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority serves as financial manager for the Revolving Loan Fund.

What City Priority Does this Funding Connect to: Sustainabiltiy

Please Describe: 

Program encourages land reuse including redevelopment and adaptive reuse. Michael Miera with the Denver Office of Economic Development is Denver's representative to the RLF board.

Eligibilty Restrictions: 

  • Requires environmental cleanup projects participate in Colorado's Volunteer Cleanup Program.
  • Funding is limited to environmental cleanup costs which may include asbestos abatement, former industrial and commercial properties 
  • Borrower shall be in compliance with the terms of all governmental regulations pertaining to the Project, including the regulations contained in 40
  • CFR Part 300, 42 USCA 9601 et. seq. and the requirements of the Davis-Bacon Act.
  • RLF application is required.
  • Approval by the CBRLF board.

Key Qualifications or Areas of Interest: 

  • Brownfields redevelopment. 

Contact Information

Contact to Register Interest: Doug Jamison, CDPHE 

Contact for Questions: Michael Miera, OED (

Name of Funding: Out of Home Placement Agencies

City Agency: Denver Department of Human Services

Link to RFP: Click Here

Type of Grant: State Paid Services

Source of Funds: State

Total Funds Available: N/A

Funding Range: N/A

Average Award Amount: N/A

Maximum Award Amount: N/A

Scope of Funding: This Request for Applications (RFA) is being released to develop a pool of potential providers who are qualified to offer out-of-home placement services to children/youth ages birth to 18 (or up to age 21 if they were placed in the custody of DDHS prior to their 18th birthday). Agencies shall provide a safe, nurturing environment for children/youth that have been subjected to abuse and/or neglect.

What City Priority Does this Funding Connect to: Kids and Safety Net

City Priority Connection Description: DDHS is responsible for the care and placement of children/youth who have been removed from their caretakers due to abuse and/or neglect and placed in the custody of the Department. DDHS is committed to utilizing out-of-home placement for safety and therapeutic purposes only until it has been determined that the child/youth can be safely returned to family, kin, or another permanent plan has been identified.

Eligibilty Restrictions: Only applicants that meet the minimum qualifications as set forth in the complete Request for Applications packet will be reviewed.

Key Qualifications or Areas of Interest:

* Child Placement Agencies
* Residential Child Care Facilities
* Applicants must show evidence of or obtain the insurance required as described within the RFA

Key Dates

Proposals Due: 

Anticipated Contract Start:  7/1/15

Contact Information

Contact to Register Interest: Janet Van Meter

Contact Email: 

Contact for Questions: Janet Van Meter

Name of Funding: Denver's Road Home 2015 Emergency Shelter Services for Women

City Agency: Denver Department of Human Services

Link to RFP: Click Here

Type of Grant: Program

Source of Funds: $250,000

Total Funds Available: N/A

Funding Range: N/A

Average Award Amount: Varies

Maximum Award Amount: N/A

Scope of Funding: The primary purpose of this RFP is for the City and County of Denver through the Department of Human Services (DDHS) to seek proposals from qualified agencies and organizations to provide services to Denver’s low income community residents. Organizations will be sought who possess expertise in providing Emergency Shelter Services for Women.

What City Priority Does this Funding Connect to: Safety Net

City Priority Connection Description:

For this RFP, the selected provider will assist homeless women with the following services:  
• Additional overflow operations within an emergency shelter (expansion of beds, expansion of
  hours to avoid gaps in services).  Provide evening and overnight shelter for 50-150 women.
• Women’s shelter must be operated as a low barrier and high tolerance option.
• Stand-alone location.
• Coordination and/or operation of staging, intake, and transportation services to/from the shelter 
   site and downtown day services.
• Overnight storage of guests’ personal property.
• Coordination of services for homeless victims of domestic violence entering the shelter.
• Coordination of care for aging and disabled guests.
• Emergency Shelter services for transgender-identified guests.
• Coordinated Entry and Assessment through VI-SPDAT.
• Emergency shelter services that include case management, support services and transition into
  more stable housing situations. 
• Housing assistance, benefits acquisition and referral. 
• Assist homeless women to move from the streets to shelter.

Eligibilty Restrictions:

 • Only the specific services outlined in this RFP will be allowable as proposals for funding under 
    this RFP.  
 • Although Denver's Road Home has many other initiatives that are being developed and/or
    implemented, this RFP is only for the services as described.  
 • All other approved costs for Denver’s Road Home attributable to specific objectives in Denver’s
   Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness are funded through other sources of funding.

Key Qualifications or Areas of Interest:

• If volunteers are utilized, the proposer will ensure that they are appropriately trained.  All staff,
   including any volunteers, will provide services in a manner that is sensitive to the backgrounds
   and cultures of program participants.
 • Proposers may submit individually or as a collaborative of two or more agencies.  If the proposal
   is a collaborative effort, letters of intent to participate from each participating agency (or a
   jointly-signed letter) must be submitted with the proposal and the contract recipient agency must
   be clearly identified. 
 • The City may engage more than one proposer to provide the services requested. The City is
    interested in creating a comprehensive matrix of services to address multi-faceted needs of the  
    homeless community.

Key Dates

Questions Due: 3/20/15

Proposals Due:  4/8/15

Anticipated Contract Start:  5/1/15

RFP will be available to download on 3/16/15

Contact Information

Contact to Register Interest: Jodie Berdiales

Contact Email: 

Contact for Questions: Jodie Berdiales

Name of Funding: Healthy Lifestyles for Youth

City Agency: Denver Office of Children's Affairs

Link to RFP: Click Here

Type of Grant: Program

Source of Funds: Local

Total Funds Available: Up to $425,000

Funding Range: $10,000-$25,000/site

Average Award Amount: N/A

Maximum Award Amount: N/A

Scope of Funding: Funding is to support quality programs for students in grades 4-8 in the 2015-2016 school year. Programs must be offered at low or no cost to families in the following program areas:  comprehensive, social-emotional learning, sports/recreation, arts/culture. Funded programs will receive training to support youth in thinking critically about the choices they make in their life via a Healthy Lifestyles curriculum and/or Marijuana prevention training.  Funded programs will complete an age appropriate assessment tool to gather data about students’ perceptions on healthy lifestyles/marijuana use.

What City Priority Does this Funding Connect to: Safety Net/Kids

City Priority Connection Description: Investing in quality afterschool programs, which have the ability to help students build the skills they need to make positive, healthy life decisions, which is a critical prevention strategy. When students learn to think critically about the choices they make in their lives, have a space where they feel safe and comfortable being themselves and know they have adults in their life who they can turn to and trust, they have the support and tools they need to learn, grow and do well in school, work and beyond.

Eligibilty Restrictions: Applications will be accepted from any not-for-profit community-based organization, Denver Public Schools 21st Century grant funded site, or any City and County of Denver agency that directly serves youth

Key Qualifications or Areas of Interest:

  • Services must support programs during non-school hours for students in grades 4-8.
  • Programs must be offered at no or very minimal cost to families. 
  • Programs must be located in the City & County of Denver. 
  • Organizations must demonstrate prior experience in providing successful youth programs.

Key Dates:

Pre-Bid Conference: 3/26/15

Questions Due: 3/26/15

Proposals Due:  4/23/15

Award Notification: 6/1/15

Anticipated Contract Start:  8/1/15

A required letter of intent to apply is due on 4/9/15

Contact Information

Contact for Questions: Maxine Quintana

Contact Email:

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