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Start & Grow a Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations in Denver play a vital role in helping the city build healthy communities by providing critical services that contribute to the city’s overall health, economic stability, and general wellbeing. Furthermore, nonprofit leaders are often times the voice of the people they serve. As result of their “frontline” work, strong community relationships, and their intimate local knowledge, nonprofits in Denver have an understanding, better than anyone else, about the needs of those in their community and the best ways to meet those needs.

Strong and well-resourced nonprofits connected to the decision-making infrastructure in their community can, not only, accelerate growth and opportunity in a community, but they can also reach those residents that can be sometimes hard to reach for government.  So, thank you for exploring the creation of a new nonprofit in Denver.

We have gathered a few resources below to assist you and ensure you get off to the best start.

Starting a Nonprofit

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Growing a Nonprofit