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The Collaborative Impact Fund of Denver (CIFD)


The Collaborative Impact Fund of Denver (CIFD) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing Denver's social issues by facilitating public-private partnerships and supporting nonprofit-led community projects. 


To identify and address unmet nonprofit and public needs through supporting projects by working collectively with partners in the City and County of Denver.


The success of the Collaborative Impact Fund of Denver is derived from an engaged, passionate, and hard-working board of directors, nonprofit partners, supporters, and an eager staff. Together, our work is steered by these essential values:

  • Atmosphere of Collaboration and Innovation: By working together and respecting the strengths and passion of nonprofits, we can create environments to learn, grow, and generate creative solutions. 
  • Commitment to Equity and Transformation: Upholding justice and integrating the voices of civic leaders, we are better equipped to reshape practices, policies, and systemic challenges.
  • Assurance of Evaluation and Quality: With sustained assessments of our work, we can ensure measurable outcomes are achieved in meeting the needs of nonprofits and our community.


  • Support the recovery of nonprofits
  • Address unmet nonprofit and public needs
  • Build capacity and improve organizational resilience
  • Broker nonprofit and city collaboration



In 2016, the Fundraising Governance Committee (Mayor's Office, City Attorney, Office of Strategic Partnerships, Parks & Recreation, Marketing, Department of Public Health & Environment, and the Office of Sustainability) convened to address challenges concerning the City and County of Denver's lack of coordination and infrastructure for handling donations and fundraising. Out of these conversations, the Collaborative Impact Fund of Denver was created.

Contact Us

If you would like to become a donor, collaborate on projects, inquire on current initiatives, share innovative and community driven ideas, or simply learn more about the fund, please contact Kevin Dodge at