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A Single Mother's Battle with COVID-19

Single mother Josette Vigil thought she had a seasonal cold. Then she started to wheeze. Within days she was on a ventilator, fighting for her life with COVID-19. Her hope? That her story will encourage all of us to take the virus seriously.


Iraqi Refugee Finds Welcoming Community in Denver

Soad Altaai, a refugee from Iraq who emigrated with her family to Denver in 2009 and now works as a translator, says, “It’s a privilege to live in America. It’s the land of dreams. I can make my own dreams here, and I am doing that right now.” 



A Model Way to Stay on Track During the Pandemic

As a travel writer, the stay at home order brought Rich Grant’s work to a complete halt. To deal with the boredom, he dusted off an old model train set he’s had for decades and set it up in his backyard.


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