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Whittier Cafe: Where Coffee and Social Justice Are Served

“The Social Justice Coffee Shop,” otherwise known as the Whittier Cafe, is where community activists gather. At the height of last month's protests, we sat down with the owner to discuss how her African espresso bar became a landing place for BLM and why this movement feels different. 


Museum Invites You to Walk in Another's Shoes

What is it really like to walk in someone else's shoes? Visitors to the Empathy Museum did just that in an exhibit aptly called “A Mile in My Shoes,” which was part of last year’s Biennial of the Americas. The free, interactive experience allowed visitors to literally put on the shoes of Denverites from all walks of life and take a walk while listening to their stories.



Colorado's Wildflowers in Full Bloom 

Late summer is peak time to observe Colorado’s treasured wildflowers all across the state.I AM DENVER spoke with botanist Jennifer Ackerfield of the Denver Botanic Gardens for tips about how, where and why to plan a visit before the season ends. 








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