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A Model Way to Stay on Track During the Pandemic

As a travel writer, the stay at home order brought Rich Grant’s work to a complete halt. To deal with the boredom, he dusted off an old model train set he’s had for decades and set it up in his backyard.


Iraqi Refugee Finds Welcoming Community in Denver

Soad Altaai, a refugee from Iraq who emigrated with her family to Denver in 2009 and now works as a translator, says, “It’s a privilege to live in America. It’s the land of dreams. I can make my own dreams here, and I am doing that right now.” 



Denver’s First Black Fire Chief Fought Back Against Racism

Before becoming Denver's first African American fire chief, Rod Juniel had to sue the fire department just so he could be allowed to be a fire fighter. As he went up the ranks, he faced countless acts of racism. His is a story of perserverance, but also of hope. 



Combining Roots, Culture and Compassion in Artistry

To kick off Hispanic Heritage Month, we caught up with artist, designer, and chef Norberto Mojardin better known as "Beto." From living on the streets to bringing international designers to Denver’s fashionistas, Beto proves we all can be proud of our past and embrace our future.


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