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Together - We're Keeping Denver Clean & Beautiful!

KeepOur mission is to enhance the visual appearance of Denver by addressing problems of graffiti and litter through volunteer projects and educational programs.

Keep Denver Beautiful focuses on supporting residents and businesses in maintaining an attractive safe urban environment. As a program of Solid Waste Management, we emphasize the elimination of trash, litter, junk and graffiti from our city’s neighborhoods and public right-of-ways. Keep Denver Beautiful coordinates the efforts of neighborhood residents, volunteer groups and Solid Waste Management. From major projects such as the Great American Cleanup to furnishing a few trash bags for your own informal alley cleanups, Keep Denver Beautiful strives to give the support you want. Explore Volunteer Opportunities for information on how you or your group can get involved.

Additionally, our sister program, Denver Partners Against Graffiti, provides graffiti abatement services for many public and private properties.

Programs of Denver’s Solid Waste Management

Spring Cleanup Time is Here!

If a garage, backyard, alley or neighborhood cleanup is on your spring to-do list, don’t miss The Great Denver Cleanup on May 21. See dropoff locations and details

Acid Bomb Information


bottle bombBOTTLE BOMBS (aka “acid” bombs) have been in the local news recently. Only a few of these devices are reportedly found each year, and it is unlikely that you will find one. However, we are providing tips to help keep you and others safe during cleanups. DO NOT TOUCH or PICK UP suspicious looking containers, they can explode upon contact!

smoking bottle bombIf you discover items meeting these – or other suspicious criteria (or when in doubt)
Call 3-1-1 or 720-913-1311


Keep Denver Beautiful Essay & Poster Contest 2015

The 2015 Keep Denver Beautiful Essay & Poster winners have been announced! Denver Students in grades 3-8 were asked to write an essay or design a poster about litter in accordance with the theme, "Put Litter In Its Place".  Students were asked what they can to prevent litter at their school and in their community?

Teachers: Would you like more information on how your school can participate? Contact Keep Denver Beautiful by calling 3-1-1 

Click on 2015 winning poster images below to view larger version


1st Place - Elem.   2nd Place - Elem.
1st Place - Middle    3rd Place - Elem. 

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