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Our mission is to enhance the visual appearance of Denver by addressing problems of graffiti and litter through volunteer projects and educational programs.

Keep Denver Beautiful focuses on supporting residents and businesses in maintaining an attractive safe urban environment. As a program of Solid Waste Management, we emphasize the elimination of trash, litter, junk and graffiti from our city’s neighborhoods and public right-of-ways. Keep Denver Beautiful coordinates the efforts of neighborhood residents, volunteer groups and Solid Waste Management. Explore Volunteer Opportunities for information on how you or your group can get involved.

Additionally, our sister program, Denver Partners Against Graffiti, provides graffiti abatement services for many public and private properties.


Thank you to all Denver residents that brought your automobile tires to our free collection event 2018! This Fall, be on the look out for our 2nd annual free tire collection event.



From your participation we collected 1120 tires weighing 26,120 pounds. That is 13 tons of tires! Such numbers show a great need for Denver residents to have a place to dispose of tires, keep their neighborhoods clean, and of course, everyone gets to save some money in the process! Through our partnership with Geocycle we plan to make this an annual occurrence.

Working together we can all help Keep Denver Beautiful, keep up the good work!