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Handbills are Illegal In the City of Denver

It is unlawful to post, paint or attach, or to directly or indirectly cause to be posted, painted or attached in any manner, any handbill, poster, advertisement or notice of any kind upon public property except by permission of the manager of public works pursuant to established rules and regulations, or on private property except by permission of the owner or authorized agent of the owner of such property.

The person responsible for causing the unlawful posting of any notice described herein will be liable for the cost of removal. Persons liable under this section include, but are not limited to, any individuals or businesses whose advertisement, message or information appears on or is contained in notice posted unlawfully.

— Denver Municipal Code: 1950, 332, 6-2 855.3

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colorful paper flyers posted illegally on utility pole

What is a handbill? Any notice, advertisement, flyer, leaflet, circular, handout, pamphlet, brochure or fact sheet