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post covered in paper flyers and advertisements

Sometimes you just can't find a telephone pole to hang your sign on!  Solution: Just put it on top of an old sign. Right?Wrong!

"Lose Weight!", "See my band at...", "Vote for..." and "Aerate your lawn...". These signs pop up all over town. Maybe it would more tolerable if they just advertised the occasional garage sale or missing puppy. But they seem to multiply by themselves, taking over poles everywhere. Take a walk or drive down 13th Ave. in Capitol Hill sometime. Or go check out the pole on the southeast corner of 7 th Ave. and Logan St.

It is illegal in Denver and many other jurisdictions to place almost any sign in the public right-of-way, according to Neddra Niblet who is program administrator for Keep Denver Beautiful. Then they can build up to several layers because the people who put them up rarely take them down. Most important, they are just plain ugly!

Some of these signs are legal in Denver when placed on private property with the owner’s permission, they are governed by clear rules. But, many signs cross the line into the public right-of-way. This includes telephone poles, street sign posts, light poles, alleys and sidewalks. Even that strip of grass between street curb and sidewalk is part of the public right-of-way. Contact your local code enforcement agency to find out the rules in your community.

The challenge is to get them down fast. Most of the people who put these up will stop when they realize their signs are being torn right down. Residents and business can make a difference by adopting just one pole near your workplace or home. Just watch it and take down the signs every time you see one go up.

For more information on illegal sign regulations in Denver visit the Neighborhood Inspection Services website.

To find out how you can help, contact Keep Denver Beautiful at 303-446-3557.