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A big thank you to all volunteers who participated in the 2019 CLEANUPALOOZA! Taking your free time to come help make Denver a more beautiful place to live is much appreciated! Many volunteers made a great impact removing litter and graffiti. We also organized a group of kids and adults to “geotag” the location of 25 storm drains and glue label medallions on them to let everyone know not to litter in the drains because they drain straight to the river! After the cleanup, we all relaxed in beautiful Paco Sanchez Park for some catered lunch and a prize raffle, what could be more fun? See everyone next time

photo of kids labeling a storm drain 




volunteers with orange safety vests and white trash bags

Congratulations Denver! Denver residents can always be counted on to pitch in to help Keep Denver Beautiful. This demonstrates the importance that Denverites place on keeping their communities clean and livable.