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Mayor Hancock’s new Mobility Action Plan is a clarion call for a future that offers mobility freedom for all by supporting the choices we know our residents want to make. Check out the Mobility Action Plan

We're working tirelessly to make this a market and city that works for everyone. Through a strategy of a good home, good health and a good job, we’re helping people to not only find an affordable home, but be able to stay in it, build their lives and their futures. Learn more

The package of infrastructure investments includes 460 projects valued at $937 million.  More than half of the projects on the list will fix and repair existing infrastructure, with the remainder dedicated to upgrades and new infrastructure across the city. Learn more

Map graphic of North Denver Cornerstone Region

Today there are several major redevelopment and infrastructure projects taking place in Denver’s Globeville/Elyria-Swansea/River North neighborhoods. The area is a gateway to downtown Denver and a key station along the Corridor of Opportunity which will connect downtown to Denver International Airport.
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Contact Mayor Hancock or request a meeting, his attendance at an event, a letter or a proclamation.