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Mayor Michael B. Hancock


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Through bold, energetic and visionary leadership, we will advance the trust and the will of the people to solidify Denver as the most equitable, modern and progressive 21st Century city in the world. Learn more

Mayor Hancock’s new Mobility Action Plan is a clarion call for a future that offers mobility freedom for all by supporting the choices we know our residents want to make. Check out the Mobility Action Plan

The package of infrastructure investments includes 460 projects valued at $937 million. More than half of the projects on the list will create and improve new mobility and transportation infrastructure, with the remainder dedicated to upgrades and new infrastructure across the city. Learn more


Denver is leading the way to higher wages and a more inclusive and equitable economy. A raise for Denver's workers would mean families can better support themselves and better afford the city that they helped build. Learn more...


Denver's Next 160

To commemorate Denver’s 160th birthday of its founding, Mayor Michael B. Hancock is issuing an invitation to grandparents,
great-grandparents and senior residents who make up the fabric that binds our great city.

Contact & Requests

Contact Mayor Hancock or request a meeting, his attendance at an event, a letter or a proclamation.