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Number of Mayoral Appointments: 21
Term: 2 years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: No

Function: To focus on issues that impact pedestrians in the city.

Meeting Date: Second Tuesday of the month
Meeting Time: 7:30 a.m.
Meeting Location:
Room 4.I.5
Webb Municipal Building
201 W. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80202

Mayoral Appointees District Representing Term Expiration
Lilli Gregg District 1 12/31/2019
Jackie Youngblood District 1 12/31/2019
Kayla Gilbert District 3 12/31/2019
Bruce Baskette District 4 12/31/2019
Julie George District 4 12/31/2019
Erica Grossman District 5 12/31/2019
Paul Kashmann District 6 12/31/2019
Shelley McMullen District 7 12/31/2019
Eric Richardson District 8 12/31/2019
Nathaniel Buchheit, District 8 12/01/2019
Lynne Brown District 9 12/31/2019
Randy Kilbourn District 10 12/31/2019
Antonia Kilpatrick District 10 12/31/2019
Pam Jiner District 11 12/31/2019
Lisa Diaz District 7 12/31/2020
Cliff Lind District 8 12/31/2020
John Hayden District 9 12/31/2020
Linda Rosales District 9 12/31/2020
Myles Tangalin District 10 12/31/2020
Blake Chambliss District 10 12/31/2020
Linda Rosales District 2 12/31/2020


David Pulsipher
Public Works

Enabling Authorization: Mayor’s Office


Board or Commission Appointments

Civic engagement, defined as, “Active participation and collaboration among individuals, government and the private sector to influence and determine decisions that affect the citizen public”, is the cornerstone of our democracy. We encourage you to apply for those that meet your interest, skills and/or qualifications. Please keep in mind that this content is only indicative of boards and/or commissions for which the Mayor appoints applicants. Your application will be kept on file for a period of two years, during which time you will be considered for any vacancies. To assure full consideration of your application for a board or commission appointment, it is important to review the responsibilities and requirements. Certain boards and/or commissions may require special qualifications, i.e. professional licensing or experience, and geographic location.

When applying for a position, please follow these guidelines:

  • Locate the board and/or commission(s) of interest to you and apply for the board or commission online 
  • Submit your application at least 45 days prior to the vacancy date for positions that are currently occupied

Due to monthly updates, this information may be subject to change without notice. Information contained in this publication is available in alternate formats upon request.


To apply for a board or commission, please click on the link above or contact us for more information.

Romaine Pacheco, Director of Boards and Commissions 
(720) 865-9085