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Denver Launches Crime Prevention and Control Commission

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lindy Eichenbaum Lent, Mayor's Office
(720) 865-9016
Denver Launches Crime Prevention and Control Commission

Broad-based Board to Develop Strategies for Criminal Justice System, Emphasizing Public Safety and Diversionary Programs
(DENVER) Mayor John Hickenlooper announced Tuesday the executive director and membership of the Crime Prevention and Control Commission, a broad-based group aimed at reducing recidivism and the growth of our incarcerated population through a focus on diversionary programs and alternatives to sentencing. The Commission – formed as a recommendation of the Justice Center subcommittee on alternatives to sentencing and approved by City Council – will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, September 28, 2005, from 8 – 10:00 a.m. in Denver Police Department Administration Building auditorium, 1331 Cherokee Street.

“Our investment in the Justice Center’s bricks and mortar will be prolonged by the success of this Commission in developing effective strategies that reduce the growth of our incarcerated population,” said Mayor Hickenlooper. “This Commission represents the City’s commitment to strategically pursue evidence-based diversionary and alternatives to sentencing programs that not only reduce recidivism, but also increase public safety. Both City Council and I are grateful to the Commission members who will donate their knowledge, expertise and perspective to these important issues.”

Regina Huerter, a criminal justice and corrections consultant for Justice System Assessment Training, will serve as executive director of the Commission. Also a part-time instructor Metropolitan State College of Denver, Huerter teaches courses involving youth subcultures, evidence-based practices in criminal justice, and prevention, intervention and treatment methods. Huerter previously served as President and CEO of Urban Peak, an organization serving homeless youth in Denver. She spent seven years in the Denver District Attorney’s Office as the director of the DA’s Juvenile Diversion Program and 11 years as a program director for Denver Partners, a mentoring program that matches adult volunteers with high-risk youth. In 1995, Huerter was a recipient of the KUSA-TV’s “9 Who Care” award.

“The Crime Prevention and Control Commission is an opportunity for Denver to improve and support an effective, efficient and accountable justice system,” Huerter said. “Our challenge will be to look at the system with a clear lens that balances victim needs, public safety, system and offender accountability, risk, and consequently, recidivism reduction. We are fortunate to have commissioners with great passion for justice, public safety and system improvement.”

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Representing a coalition of key players from government agencies, non-profits, foundations, law enforcement, the judicial system, and the faith community, the members of the new Denver Crime Prevention and Control Commission are as follows:

Dr. Bob Anderson Director of Prevention and Intervention Initiatives, Denver Public Schools

Judge Andrew Armatas Denver County Court

Judge Johnny Barajas Juvenile Court, City and County of Denver

Judge Jeffrey Bayless Chief Judge, 2nd Judicial District

Dr. Ralph Beechum Pastor, Miracle Deliverance Church

David Bennett Associate Director, Division of Youth Corrections

Lisa Calderon Legal & Social Policy Director, Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence

Lauren Casteel Vice President for Philanthropic Partnerships, The Denver Foundation

Representative Mike Cerbo State Representative, District 2

Phil Cherner Attorney, Private Practice; Colorado Criminal Defense Bar

Vince DiCroce Director of Prosecution and Code Enforcement, Denver City Attorney’s Office

Bob Dorschimer Director, Office of Drug Strategy, City and County of Denver

Kara English Clinical Director/Program Coordinator, Community Education Center, Tooley Hall

Lisa Flores Special Assistant to the Mayor for Human Services, Office of Mayor John Hickenlooper

Charles Garcia Office of Colorado State Public Defender

Rick Garcia Denver City Councilman, District 1

Erik Garcia-Gillespie Chief of County Court Probation Department

Dr. Richard Jackson Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Metropolitan State College of Denver

Al LaCabe Manager of Safety, City and County of Denver

Doug Linkhart Denver City Councilman, At-Large

Judith Lopez Program Director, Chrysalis

Jeaneene Miller Adult Parole, Denver Division of Community Corrections and YOS

Tom Moore Director, Denver Division of Community Corrections

Mitch Morrissey District Attorney

Bob Mowatt State Chief Probation Officer

Frank Moya Attorney, Private Practice

Fred Oliva Undersheriff, Denver Sheriff’s Department

John Parvensky CEO, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Dr. Margaret Reiland Psychologist, Denver Sheriff’s Department

Elbra Wedgeworth Denver City Councilwoman, District 8

Gerry Whitman Chief of Police, Denver Police Department

Erica Zacharie Juvenile Justice Prevention Educator, Girls, Inc. of Metro Denver

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