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Greenprint Denver launches citywide Residential Energy Programs

Greenprint Denver is encouraging residents to take advantage of free neighborhood energy efficiency and retrofitting services available through two new programs, designed to help residents in Denver improve the energy efficiency of their homes, reduce their utility bills and have a positive impact on the environment.

“We are doing all we can to bring sustainability to Denver’s neighborhoods,” said Mayor Guillermo (Bill) V. Vidal. “These new Greenprint Denver programs are an unprecedented opportunity for the city to directly help Denver’s residents learn more about sustainability, save money on energy bills and upgrade their homes with free energy efficiency resources.”

Energy Efficiency Upgrade and Insulation Program

The Energy Efficiency Upgrade and Insulation Program is an income-qualifying program that provides free home energy and water efficiency upgrades and attic assessments. Available upgrades include:

· Up to twenty (20) Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) installed in the home

· Free low-flow faucet aerators

· Free low-flow shower aerators

· A free programmable thermostat installed

· Low flow toilet

· An attic insulation assessment. If the assessment shows that you may need insulation, an insulation contractor will visit your home to do a second assessment that may result in the installation of free attic insulation.

This program is available to eligible homeowners and renters citywide. Service providers are Mile High Youth Corps and GB3 Energy Solutions.

Home Energy Advisor Program

The Energy Advisor Program is a free service available to all Denver residents that removes barriers that may prevent a homeowner from implementing recommendations from their home energy audits - taking them from audit to action. Energy Advisors walk residents through the energy audit process and then help them prioritize installations, contact contractors, and ensure that appropriate rebates are applied for and received. Energy Advisors can be in the home while the work is being done, and will perform quality assurance checks of all installations. The City has contracted with the following companies and organizations as Energy Advisors:

§ Revision International

§ David Youngstrom

§ Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure Group

§ Center for Resource Conservation

The two programs are made possible through federal Department of Energy grants.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Greenprint Denver at 720-865-9017 or email

Greenprint Denver is the City of Denver’s initiative to incorporate sustainability into all city operations and programs. The mission is designed to conserve resources, protect the environment, and save money to make Denver prosperous both now and in the future. For the past two years, Greenprint Denver has been working with communities citywide to connect residents with energy efficiency, water conservation, and other sustainability services and resources to save each household money on utility bills, provide comfort in their home and have a positive impact on the environment.