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City Releases Sheriff Reform Phase One Report

DENVER -  The city today released a report summarizing the hundreds of hours community stakeholders and officials from the Mayor’s Office, Department of Public Safety, Sheriff Department, City Council, Office of the Independent Monitor, Civil Service Commission, Career Service Board and City Attorney’s Office spent over the past several months conducting an in-depth examination of the Sheriff Department.

View the Sheriff Reform Phase One Report.

“I want to thank the community and city employees for their considerable engagement in this process to set the Sheriff Department on a path to success,” said Mayor Michael B. Hancock. “This report highlights the actions that have been taken to date to begin to rebuild the trust between the Department and the public, and to ensure the Sheriff Department is operating under the highest standards. While we have completed the first phase of that endeavor, there is more work to be done. I am confident the independent review team will hit the ground running thanks to the information provided in this report.”

Phase one efforts include:

  • Appointing an Interim Sheriff until a national search is conducted for Denver’s next Sheriff.
  • Appointing a Sheriff Reform Executive Steering Committee to oversee the reform efforts.
  • The creation of reform subcommittees and task forces to analyze existing operations, polices, and procedure and to make recommendations to the Executive Steering Committee and to the Mayor.
  • Four community forums held throughout the city to gather the public’s input on reform.
  • Two Sheriff Department employee meetings regarding what needs to change in the Department.
  • The hiring of former Arapahoe Sheriff Grayson Robinson to lead the Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) on an interim basis.
  • The addition of six IAB on-call investigators.
  • The selection of two consulting firms to conduct an independent top-to-bottom review of the Department.
  • The two consultant firms, Hillard Heintze of Chicago and OIR Group of Los Angeles, began the second phase of the Sheriff Department reform effort on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014 when they participated in a community meeting. 

“The team met with the community to introduce themselves and to listen to the community’s expectations as it relates to reforming the Denver Sheriff Department,” said Executive Director of Public Safety Stephanie O’Malley. “The team members were very clear that community, stakeholder and deputy input will be a vital part of their reform efforts just as it was during phase one of the reform effort.”   

The consulting team anticipates its review will take at least 21 weeks. The team will evaluate all Denver Sheriff Department operations and procedures, the Internal Affairs Bureau, the current leadership structure, and launch a national search for a new Sheriff. The results of the review will be presented to the Mayor and the Sheriff Reform Executive Steering Committee for consideration.