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Denver Opens the first Family Justice Center in Colorado

DENVER– The Rose Andom Center, Colorado’s first family justice center to serve domestic violence victims, announced that construction is complete and core services will begin today, June 29.

The ribbon cutting ceremony, that took place Tuesday, marks a significant milestone as the city and domestic violence partners work to combat domestic violence in Denver with smart, coordinated services.  The event was hosted by the Rose Andom Center, Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock and Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey.

“Domestic violence is a terrible, traumatic experience. The Rose Andom Center works to ensure that services are in one easily accessible, safe and welcoming place to the courageous soles who are seeking help,” Mayor Hancock said. “Domestic violence has touched my family like it has touched so many others. The Rose Andom Center will serve as a beacon of hope and safe support for our people.”

A signature project for Mayor Hancock, District Attorney Morrissey and many members of the community, the building was named in honor of the first investor in this critical one-stop services center, Rose Andom. Andom is a Denver businesswoman and community leader who was a survivor of domestic violence and has made the work of protecting women and families her legacy.

“This really represents a dream come true for me,” Rose Andom said. “Being a victim of domestic violence myself, I know how lonely and helpless it can feel. My hope is that this center will provide support and a way out for those individuals impacted by domestic violence.”

The Rose Andom Center will improve the lives of domestic violence victims by creating a single, safe location for them to access services. And by co-locating staff and crucial services, community organizations and government agencies will be able to provide more and better coordinated services for victims.

“Domestic violence is a serious problem in Denver – last year, Denver police responded to over 4,800 domestic violence cases, and those are only the incidents when authorities are called,” said District Attorney Morrissey. “The Rose Andom Center will help us better serve victims in their moment of crisis and will also improve the overall quality of life for people impacted by domestic violence.”

Victims and their families will also be able to access the full range of services and support they need – including domestic violence counseling, mental health services, crisis intervention, civil legal support, law enforcement services, job readiness and job search assistance – all under one roof.

Operations at the Rose Andom Center will be overseen by Executive Director Margaret Abrams, who, as Program Director for the Domestic Violence Early Intervention Team at the Denver District Attorney’s Office, has long been involved with the development of the center.

“Having watched the Rose Andom Center take shape over the last decade, I could not be more honored to now be taking the helm as Executive Director,” said Abrams. “We are thrilled to begin offering core services on June 29 and look forward to growing to full capacity and operations over the coming weeks.”

The Rose Andom Center was made possible by compassionate individuals, business leaders and philanthropic organizations who recognize the importance of this project and have joined together to support the Rose Andom Center renovation.

Notable donors include local business woman and domestic violence survivor Rose Andom, for whom the center is named thanks to her $1.5 million lead gift; Anschutz Foundation; Daniels Fund; Colorado Office of the Attorney General; Denver Broncos Charities; Boettcher Foundation; El Pomar Foundation; Gates Family Foundation; The Barton Family Foundation; Leprino Foundation; and the William H. Donner Foundation, among many others.

The capital campaign for the Rose Andom Center is ongoing. For more information or to donate to the Rose Andom Center, visit