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Mayor Hancock Statement on Executive Orders Regarding Immigration

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock released the following statement regarding the Executive Orders on Immigration signed today by the President:

“Denver, and cities across the country, have continually looked to and asked for Washington to act on comprehensive immigration reform. Unfortunately, that’s not what we saw today. Instead, communities and families will now be penalized for the Federal Government’s failure to act. The Executive Orders signed today put our economic security as a nation at risk, and I am deeply disappointed.

“We are a proud nation of immigrants and Denver’s number one priority is the safety, health and wellbeing of everyone who lives in our city. That is why we will not support taking unlawful or unconstitutional actions on behalf of our federal law enforcement, while continuing to comply with federal immigration laws.

“We have a history of being a city of opportunity for everyone, and we have every intention to maintain our character. This is about what is best for the residents of Denver, and I will remain steadfast in doing everything I can to protect our people – immigrants or not – and protect their rights.”