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Employee-Driven Innovations Save Denver Taxpayers Over $30 Million Since 2011

DENVER – Innovations driven by City and County of Denver employees trained by the Denver Peak Academy, have now saved over $30 million in taxpayer dollars since Mayor Michael B. Hancock established the program shortly after taking office in 2011.

“Thanks to our city employees and Peak Performance program, Denver’s city government is now globally recognized for innovation and efficiency,” Mayor Hancock said. “For our residents, these savings mean less time waiting in line, and we’re able to redeploy these resources back into the community to better serve our residents and ensure our neighborhoods are accessible, inclusive and affordable.”

“Employee-driven innovations have changed the way we work in Denver as well as the way we interact with our residents,” said Denver Chief Financial Officer Brendan Hanlon. “As the city’s CFO, it’s reassuring that employees across agencies and at all levels feel empowered to find ways to work more efficiently, save time and money and to measure their progress along the way. Their innovations and data collection are allowing us to continuously improve and to reallocate dollars saved back toward the vital services we provide the residents of Denver.” 

Facing a recession and budget shortfall in 2011, Mayor Hancock established Denver Peak Academy to help eliminate systemic bottlenecks that were costing taxpayer time and money unnecessarily. Since the program’s inception, approximately 2,300 innovations have been implemented by 8,000 trained employees.

Denver Peak Academy trains employees across the city to improve and ultimately transform government into a customer-driven, creative, sustainable, and data-oriented service provider. All change, be it reducing wait times or saving taxpayer dollars, is measured by its value to the residents. The program is open to all government employees and has included city workers ranging from horticulturists, police officers, custodians, and animal shelter staff. Additionally, over 150 cities across the country and globe have attended Peak Academy trainings to learn from Denver, including Brussels, Belgium; Ottawa, Canada; San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Providence and Kansas City.

This dashboard provides real-time insights into Peak Academy metrics.

Examples of How Employee-led Innovations Benefit Denver

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