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Mayor Hancock, Members of City Council Urge Continuation of Legal Orientation Program

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock and members of City Council have submitted a letter to the Department of Justice urging Attorney General Jeff Sessions to continue the Legal Orientation Program (LOP), a program the department plans to halt starting April 30, 2018. The LOP, which educates detained immigrants about their rights and provides essential information, counseling, and other services, is critical to helping immigrants make informed decisions about their cases.

“We are committed to ensuring that Denver’s immigrant and refugee communities are empowered with legal information and have access to justice. We know that this legal information becomes all the more vital when individuals are separated from their loved ones and placed in civil immigration detention,” wrote Mayor Hancock and City Council members in their letter.

“The same commitment and dedication to our immigrant and refugee community members that led Denver to pass the Public Safety Enforcement Priorities Act and create the Denver Immigrant Legal Services Fund guides our strong support for the LOP. We believe that due process is fundamental to who we are as a country, and we are committed to fighting for that value and that right for all Denver residents and their families,” the letter continued.  

The LOP is carried out by the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN) in Colorado, which has provided essential protection for individuals in immigration detention for the last fifteen years.

See attached for letter from Mayor Hancock and members of City Council to the Department of Justice.

The Denver Immigrant Legal Services Fund provides access to legal representation for qualified individuals threatened with or in removal proceedings and individuals seeking affirmative relief – including DACA or DREAM Act-related relief. For more information about the Denver Immigrant Legal Services Fund, click here.