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Mayor Hancock Calls on Colorado Congressional Delegation to Support Criminal Justice Reform

FIRST STEP Act Will Directly Improve Lives of People Harmed by Broken Criminal Justice System

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock today called on the members of Colorado’s congressional delegation to support the FIRST STEP Act, which seeks to improve public safety, increase rehabilitation and strengthen families. The FIRST STEP Act is currently under consideration by the United States Senate.

“In many ways, our criminal justice system is broken, and our communities of color have borne the brunt of policies that were sold as being tough on crime, but only served to tear apart families and wreak havoc on our inner cities,” Mayor Hancock said. “Americans of all political affiliations agree on the urgent need to repair our justice system. It’s long past time that we corrected these injustices, and I urge our representatives in Congress to pass this bill.”

See attached Mayor Hancock’s letter to Colorado’s Congressional Delegation

For the past four years, Mayor Hancock has personally lobbied members of Congress to pass criminal justice reform. If enacted, the FIRST STEP Act would be a positive next step in our collective efforts to correct the past and move our nation forward. This vision is shared by Mayors, community organizers, law enforcement leaders, activists, business executives, social scientists, people of faith, and a majority of Representatives and Senators.

The City and County of Denver, under the Hancock Administration, has made significant and critical investments in criminal justice reform and alternatives to incarceration. The Denver Police Department has introduced several new initiatives to support members of the community and find alternatives to incarceration. Denver’s Chief of Police has emphasized precision policing focuses the Department’s resources and efforts on violent offenders while providing support services instead of incarceration for individuals in need of assistance. And the Denver Sheriff Department continually works to provide effective programing for close to 1,400 individuals.