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Mayor Hancock Urges Reauthorization of the Colorado Civil Rights Division

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock today released the following statement in support of reauthorization for the Colorado Civil Rights Division and urging it’s passage through the Colorado General Assembly. The reauthorization, HB18-1256, will be before the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow, April 18.

“There is no greater responsibility of our democratic society than to ensure that the civil rights of everyone are secure and protected. And when those civil rights are threatened even for one individual, the civil rights of all are threatened. Since its creation, Colorado’s Civil Rights Division has worked to protect our most basic rights and ensure that where ever and whenever discrimination rears its head, it will be opposed. It is a charge that must be protected and allowed to continue.

“Discrimination has no place in Colorado, and we must not open the door to its return. While transparent attempts to strip people of their protections from discrimination continue in other states and once again at the federal level, our great state must stand as a bulwark against these threats to civil rights and access to fair and equal treatment. We must continue to be champions for the health and happiness of everyone who calls Colorado home.

“Anything short of a full renewal will place in peril the Civil Rights Division’s central mission – to promote equal treatment of all Coloradans and to create a more open and receptive environment in which to work, live and conduct business. I stand in full support of reauthorization for the Colorado Civil Rights Division, and join with those across the state calling for our State Legislature to stand up and protect our civil rights.”