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Mayor Hancock Will Sign Bill Approving Supervised Use Facilities

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock supports the bill passed by city council to approve a supervised injection facility in Denver to help address the nation’s opioid crisis. 

“Like cities across the country, Denver is seeing significant numbers of people dying each year of drug overdoses,” Mayor Hancock said. “I applaud Councilman Brooks for looking for innovative answers. There are many implementation and legal details to work out, but I fully support the bill city council approved last night, and will sign it into law.”

The Mayor continued, “Denver has taken this step, and we look forward to a continued partnership with the state legislature in addressing the opioid crisis and exploring changes to state law to allow for innovative solutions to this statewide problem.”

During Mayor Hancock’s 2018 State of the City address, he emphasized how the city will keep its safety net strong, singling out opioid addiction as a target for additional resources. In July, the city released its Opioid Response Strategic Plan, a roadmap to improving our quality of life, as well as a call to action for our community as we face a growing national crisis. Denver has made a commitment to the health and safety of residents by partnering with more than 100 agencies over the last two years to identify ways to improve treatment access and retention and focus on harm reduction.