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Board of Adjustment Zoning seeking candidates to serve as alternate member for appointment

Alternate Board Member position open for the Board of Adjustment for Zoning Appeals. The Board of Adjustment is an independent agency whose purpose is to hear and decide cases regarding appeals from the Denver Zoning Code. The Board hears cases for zoning variance requests, requests for delays of enforcement for un-permitted and non-compliant existing conditions, and Zoning Permit with Special Exception Reviews (ZPSE). The Board also serves as an impartial oversight for actions and decisions of the Zoning Administrator related to the Denver Zoning Code.

The Board is made up of 5 full time Board members with 2 alternate Board members. Board members are appointed in staggered 5 year terms. The Board meets once a week, on Tuesday mornings between 9:00 am and noon. Regular Board members attend hearings weekly, while Alternate Board members attend hearings on an as needed basis. Alternate Board members will be given as much notice as possible about scheduling but may be contacted on short notice for some appearances. A background in zoning regulation, architecture, construction, planning, development, or land use law is preferred.