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City preserves land use restrictions at Park Hill Golf Course, ends litigation

DENVER – The City and County of Denver is negotiating an agreement with the owners of Park Hill Golf Course that would end litigation involving the property, and would ensure the City and community retain the right to approve changes to how the land is used.

“We wanted a guarantee that Denver would have a right to provide input about the property’s future,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said Tuesday. “We know the community values open space, and so do I.”

The existing easement established more than 20 years ago requires operation of a regulation-length 18-hole daily fee public golf course.  Once the City completes a flood-control and storm-water project, the property must be restored to a golf course and related uses.  Under the terms of the proposed agreement, the land use restriction would remain intact.  Any change to that use would require City Council approval, and thus a thorough and inclusive community process.

Additional details, including the settlement agreement itself, will be made available once it is finalized in coming weeks.