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Mayor Hancock Statement on Governor’s Decision Not to Intervene in DPS Labor Dispute

DENVER – Two weeks ago, Mayor Hancock met with both the Denver Classroom Teachers Association and the Denver Public Schools administration to gain a clearer understanding of the issues separating both sides. In those meetings, the Mayor offered the expertise of the city’s Department of Finance, Office Children’s Affairs and Peak Performance teams to work in partnership to review proposals and numbers and assist in moving negotiations forward with a fair and impartial approach. On Monday, Mayor Hancock also met with representatives from the Colorado Education Association.

The Mayor has issued the following statement regarding Gov. Polis’ decision today not to intervene in the labor dispute between the DCTA and DPS:

“The Governor’s decision today is an opportunity for both sides to rebuild trust with one another and move towards a resolution. Our teachers deserve better pay, and I have been encouraging DPS to come to the table with a significant package that supports both incentive pay for our teachers working in underserved communities, and a long overdue pay raise for all teachers. Helping DPS create a package our teachers deserve is one reason I have offered city expertise. In the end, Denver’s students deserve their teachers and their school district doing everything possible to reach an agreement, and I will do all I can to reach that result.”

For the past several weeks, Mayor Hancock has been in close contact with the Governor’s Office to convey his commitment to working collaboratively towards a solution with both the district and the union. Gov. Polis called to inform the Mayor today that he will not intervene in the situation between the union and DPS.