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Michael B. Hancock Sworn in for Third Term as Mayor of Denver

DENVER – Michael B. Hancock today was sworn in for his third term as Mayor of Denver on the steps of the City and County Building, along with new and returning members of City Council, Auditor Tim O’Brien, Clerk and Recorder Paul Lopez and an audience of neighbors and residents.

Delivering his final inaugural address, Mayor Hancock pledged that the next four years will be focused on solidifying Denver as the most equitable, modern and progressive city in the world.

“There is nothing we can’t do, nor anything that will stand in our way,” Mayor Hancock said. “Our economy is strong. Our neighborhoods are safe. Our people have access to unprecedented opportunity. Here and now, we are poised to do something extraordinary.”

Denver’s 45th mayor presented a bold agenda to continue driving the success the city has experienced over the past eight years, while elevating the city’s efforts to ensure everyone has access to a home, a job and a future:

A city with an economy that is built on equity, opportunity and social benefit for every resident, every worker and every family

  • Creating an economy that works for everyone – jobs that pay a livable wage; training and access to higher paying jobs; affordable services that support families’ quality of life; and opportunities for Denver’s children to have a bright future.
  • Rooting our public investments in the Mayor’s Equity Platform to create local jobs, support local businesses and benefit our residents and neighborhoods.
  • Protecting and improving the affordability of our homes as the guiding principal that informs and shapes all of the city’s work and policies.
  • Pursuing a rapid housing response, ensuring our residents experiencing homelessness are healthy, housed and connected.

A city that advances progressive ideals to champion people, equity and social justice

  • Pushing for action at every level to correct the decades of intentional bias in our institutions and criminal justice system that trapped generations of families in a relentless cycle of oppression and poverty.
  • Pulling back the curtain on the stigma of mental illness with a community response that fortifies our collective efforts and meets our struggling residents where they are.
  • Protecting the hard fought and hard won civil and equal rights of all our residents and remain the welcoming city that we are.
  • Addressing the equity challenges and effects of climate change by reducing our carbon footprint, powering our city with 100 percent renewable electricity and safeguarding our most vulnerable communities from the health impacts.

A city where each neighborhood can become complete

  • Directing growth to where it makes sense, while empowering our neighborhoods to have a greater say in what affects the character and design of their community.
  • Ensuring that every resident, from our youngest to our oldest, lives within a ten-minute walk of a park through investments that reflect the values of our city and neighborhoods and restoring, protecting and preserving our rivers, creeks and open spaces.
  • Delivering a mobility system that provides multiple ways to get around town for all people, connects neighborhoods, provides access and not barriers, and creates unique places.
  • Channeling Denver’s successes and resources to fortify our communities and stem displacement so growth is not only smart but focuses on equity and justice.

“Together, as one Denver, we are writing the next chapter in the history of our great city. What we write will be determined by our actions and by our common purpose,” Mayor Hancock said. “The full measure of what we do will not be counted in buildings built or dollars spent, but in futures secured. So, let us rise together to celebrate our purpose, face down our challenges and boldly seize the opportunities before us.”

Click here to read the full inaugural address.