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Mayor Hancock Welcomes New DPS Superintendent Susana Cordova

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock joined leadership from Denver Public Schools (DPS) this morning at Barnum Elementary School to welcome Susana Cordova as the new Superintendent for the school district.

“Susana’s story is notable and uniquely Denver, and her pathway to this achievement illustrates how Denver students can be successful in this amazing city of ours. Susana’s story is the story we want for all Denver’s students – to be prepared to succeed,” Mayor Hancock said. “I’m thrilled to welcome her to this new role with DPS, and look forward to her continued and phenomenal service to our students, families, staff, faculty and community. I am confident that her time and experience within the district will help her navigate and improve the ways in which DPS brings exceptional education to our great city.”

To support the work of DPS and Superintendent Cordova in creating a high quality educational opportunities across the city, Mayor Hancock and the city are committed to continuing to work with the district to make sure all students read proficiently by the end of third grade; support children and families beyond the school day with access to high-quality out-of-school time programs; and create a collaborative environment to provide engaging programs that support the individualized student needs and provide programming and resources that address everything from social emotional learning to college and career success pathways.

Cordova, a lifelong Denver resident and DPS graduate, has seen the transformation of the Denver public school system from student, to teacher, to principal and now Superintendent. Among her many crowning accomplishments in her two-decades-plus career in Denver, Cordova has shown a steadfast commitment to equity in education. As a Latina raised in Colorado by Mexican-American parents she brings a rich and unique perspective about the ways in which Denver advocates and commits to its students of color. As the leader of a school system that serves a diverse population, this could not be more important.