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Denver Aligns Stay at Home Order With State of Colorado

Stay at Home Order Extended to May 8

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DENVER - Effective immediately, the City and County of Denver has amended its Stay at Home directive by adopting the state’s latest Public Health Order in its entirety. This update aims to eliminate confusion in the community related to any differentiation between the two orders. Should the state issue revised, subsequent orders, they will be automatically adopted and applied to Denver’s order.

“Each of us must take this directive seriously so that we can keep our community safe,” said Mayor Michael B. Hancock. “If those of us who should stay at home, stay at home, and only go out when we need to do things like get groceries or medications or exercise – we can flatten this curve, support out hospitals and get through this as fast as we can.”

Denver is committed to the continued enforcement of its local order to ensure that all residents understand the importance of staying at home, leaving only for essential activities, and not traveling to vulnerable mountain communities. As a result, the city has not rescinded the local order but instead aligned it to the state. To date, city agencies made more than 672 contacts, gave out 280 warnings, issued 15 orders to comply and one citation. These numbers are updated frequently and subject to change. Drivers are not being asked to provide documentation to prove essential travel. 

The State of Colorado’s Stay at Home order and frequently asked questions can be found on the State of Colorado Stay at Home Order resource page.  

Visit for ongoing updates about Denver’s COVID-19 response, Denver-specific frequently asked questions, and local support services.

You can also follow the City and County of Denver on Twitter: @CityofDenver


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