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Mayor Hancock: Senate should withhold confirmation of new Supreme Court Justice until the next president is inaugurated

Denver - Mayor Michael B. Hancock today urged the U. S. Senate to withhold confirmation of any nominee to the Supreme Court until the next president is inaugurated – a position the Senate Majority, including Sen. Cory Gardner, firmly held in 2016. 

Mayor Hancock statement:

“Replacing a Supreme Court justice requires more consideration than the influence of election year politics, and a rushed, hyper-partisan confirmation process. Just as it did in 2016, the Senate should hold to the precedent they have set for themselves. To proceed otherwise would be the height of hypocrisy and an afront to the American people. Nothing is more damaging to the integrity of leadership than hypocrisy and duplicity. Leaders of the U.S Senate should take great efforts to avoid both during the contemplation of advancing a Supreme Court nominee.

“When Justice Scalia passed in early 2016, Sen. Gardner and his colleagues stated in their refusal to even hold a hearing on President Obama’s nominee: ‘Our next election is too soon and the stakes are too high; the American people deserve a role in this process as the next Supreme Court Justice will influence the direction of this country for years to come.’

“If nine months before an election was too soon in 2016, surely 43 days before the 2020 election is also too soon. Sen. Gardner and his colleagues also stated the next president should have the opportunity to fill the seat. If that was their position then, it should be the same now.”