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National Western Stock Show (NWSS) Working Group


In mid-July, before being sworn in as Mayor, then Mayor-Elect Hancock asked several business and civic leaders to form a National Western Stock Show Working Group to gather information and review options for the National Western Stock Show.  The group is advisory to the Mayor and is not designed to make policy decisions.

On August 29, 2011, Mayor Hancock submitted a letter to the National Western Stock Show requesting the organization produce a Business Plan, a Facilities Plan and a Financing Plan (know collectively as the "Plans"). You can view the Mayor's letter here.

The National Western Stock Show Working Group members are:

    • Dawn Bookhardt, Working Group Chair - Founding Partner Bookhardt & O’Toole
    • Bruce Alexander, President – Vectra Bank
    • Helen Berkman, Assistant Director of Airport Legal Services - DIA
    • Charlie Brown, Denver City Councilmember District 6
    • Mario Carrera, VP and General Manager – Entravision Colorado
    • Jerry Glick, Chair of the Downtown Denver Partnership Management Group
    • Ty Holt, Managing Principal – the Holt Group
    • Tracy Huggins, Executive Director – Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA)
    • Judy Montero, Denver City Councilmember District 9
    • Stan Raine, Partner – Sherman and Howard
    • Paul Ryan, Director of Regional Affairs – Office of Mayor Michael B. Hancock
    • Rus Heise, Colorado Municipal Finance Office of RBC Capital MarketsMinutes of Meetings

National Western Stock Show Business Plan  - As presented to the Mayor, December 2011
NWSS Business Plan
Appendix A -  HVS Market Study
Appendix B -  Civitas Complex Study
Appendix C -  Convention Sports and Leisure Viability Study of a New Complex
Appendix D -  Leeds School of Business Economic Impact Study
Appendix E -  Denver Capital Leasing Corporation Feasibility Study
Appendix F -  Vision for the Western Heritage Center
Appendix G -  CSL Memorandum
Appendix H -  NWSS Financial Projections
Appendix I -  Populous Facilities Master Program

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