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All action items are in progress and/or targeted to be completed by the end of 2017


Expand Storage Options and Develop Sidewalk Storage Pilot Program
Support the Creation of a Tiny Home Village
Continue and Expand Collaboration with Shelter Providers to Improve Building Safety and Code Compliance 
Co-Convene with Foundation Community on the Development of  Permanent Supportive Housing Fund 
Evaluate expansion of Respite Care Facilities 
Improve and Expand Renter Eviction Assistance Program
Evaluate, Integrate and Expand Utility Assistance Program 
Evaluate and Improve Shelter Transportation Program   (Bus Acquisition)
Administer the New Shelter Design Challenge
Evaluate and Expand Health and Safety Programs for Persons Experiencing Homelessness, (Public Restroom Facilities, Trash Bins, Sharp Boxes)
Develop Policy and Financing for Accessory Dwelling Units in Partnership with the Denver Housing Authority
Align LIHTC Project Priorities with Strategy for Neighborhood Investment
Develop and Pilot Foreclosure Assistance 
Develop and Pilot Shelter Diversion Program
Execute on IBM Smart Cities - Integrated Regional Homelessness Data System 
Develop Guide for Youth "Aging Out" of Foster Care
Expand Pipeline of PSH Projects through Marketing of Development and Service Resources by Creating a Toolkit Training Program
Evaluate and Develop Supportive Services Funding Program, which includes a TANF and/or Medicaid Underwriting Criteria for PSH Pipeline
Remove Restrictive Practices on Use of Tenant-Based Vouchers and expand acceptance of TBVs by private developers 
Develop Guide for Landlord and Tenant Rights (Include Targeted Help for Seniors)
Research and Develop Pilot Transportation Assistance Program for Low-Income Families 
Evaluate, Expand and Integrate The Denver Day Works Program with Workforce Initiatives
Assist Existing PSH Development Projects with Site Selection
Expand the number of Co-Responders from 6 to 24 and Target Gathering Places, such as Riverfronts of Youth and Individuals  
Develop and Administer Pilot Peer-To-Peer Mental Health Engagements Counseling and Support Program 
Cross-Train Front-Line Staff on Basic Mental Health Assessments (Park Rangers, 16th Street Mall Security Guards, Shelter Provider Staff)
Develop Integrated Database Across Departments for Service Related Programs
Expand the Section 3 Jobs Programs and Integrate with the Denver Housing Authority 
Synergize the work of the Commission on Homelessness and Metro Denver Homelessness Initiative 
Develop a Guide and Safety Kits for Live/Work Spaces
Develop a Resource Guide for Homeowners in Gentrifying Neighborhoods
Promote and Expand the Home Preservation Program in Gentrifying Neighborhoods
Promote and Expand Access to Financial Health Services for Seniors and Other Vulnerable Populations