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Peak Academy

"One of the best trainings I've ever attended and will be able to apply the tools to my everyday work and life." - 2016 Black Belt graduate

"Black Belt was fun, intense, and changed my way of thinking" - 2013 Black Belt graduate 

"This is more than training - it's an inspirational journey for how to view your job, work environment and life differently." - Cohort 41

"Black Belt was fun, intense, and changed my way of thinking" - 2013 Black Belt Graduate 

"I am thankful for the experience and was honored to work with colleagues from around the City and other municipalities. I was able to be authentically me throughout the process and because of that...this crazy, organic brain of mine can process map with the best of them...! Thank you Peak Academy and Capitol Peak team members!"    - Nita Mosby Henry, Ph.D. former Executive Director – Office of Human Resources


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Mission Statement
Peak Academy trains and coaches employees at all levels to improve the way government works.  Through innovation, employees do more with less and enhance the Denver city experience.

Peak – changing the way government operates to improve your experience. 

Innovate. Elevate. Repeat.

Peak Academy believes...

  • In achieving measurable results through continuous improvement;
  • In our ability to make Denver the most well-run city in the nation;
  • In patience with people and impatience with processes;
  • In supporting colleagues to innovate;
  •  In failure; because failure leads to breakthrough.
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