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The Peak Academy Library features many titles related to process improvement, behavioral science, innovation, data science and more. Browse the library below to see our full selection of books.

All books in the Peak Academy Library can be checked out at the Peak Academy workspace in the 10th Floor of the Webb Municipal Building.


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PEAK Performance

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In this fun, easy-to-read guide, Brian Elms and Governing Magazine staff writer J.B. Wogan deliver the basics for the rest of us, with:

  • A surprisingly frank discussion about how hard it was to get the program off the ground
  • A thoughtful exploration of both the challenges faced and the reasons why Peak ultimately succeeded
  • A clear overview of Peak Academy training methods and tools (including yes, all those yellow stickies)
  • Concrete examples of employee-driven innovations—many of which sound, in hind-sight, like $40,000 no-brainers, until you realize there are hundreds of similar and much-needed fixes in every workplace
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