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Project Denver Delivers

“Delivering a World Class City with Mile High Smiles”

Do you know someone who works hard EVERY DAY that you would like to have recognized? TAKE A PICTURE of a City and County of Denver employee delivering a world class city with a mile-high smile! They could be one of the chosen faces to be displayed in one of Denver’s public buildings for an entire year! This citywide employee recognition project recognizes the value of city employees and honors you for your partnership and hard work. Submit your entry during the submission period, August 5-September 20, 2019.


Rules for submission

Project Denver Delivers Submission Criteria

  • Photographers, honorees and submitters must be current City and County of Denver employees. 
  • Photos must be candid and feature employees working in an official "action" capacity and with a smile.  
  • The submitter, photographer and employee being photographed must be agreeable to sign a photo release waiver. 
  • The photo must be recent and taken within one year of submission.
  • Please make sure you upload your photo with on the online form.

The next round of submissions will be accepted August 5 - September 20, 2019.

For additional inquiries, please email us at